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Discover the new JOBY GripTight

The all-new JOBY GripTight™ system for MagSafe gives on-the-move vloggers and content creators the opportunity to use iPhone 12 and later smartphones with MagSafe technology in absolute confidence.

The hero element of this series is the GripTight Mount for MagSafe, a hybrid clamp that works in both vertical and horizontal mode, thanks to a 360° rotation that allows the user to instantly change from one aspect to another. It comes with multiple mounting points so that it can be incorporated into a rig with the legendary GorillaPod®, as well as allowing the user to include Beamo™ lights and Wavo™ mics for a professional-level mobile unit that’s lightweight and incredibly portable.

Key is the JOBY GripTight Mount’s super-fast usability. With the jaws twisted back, the magnet kicks in and allows the user to position their iPhone12 or other later-model smartphones with MagSafe in double-quick time. With the jaws twisted in, the phone is held with absolute security, for total peace of mind. The ability to rotate the mount through 360° also means that users can transition from horizontal to vertical planes and back again in a couple of seconds.

Paired with the GorillaPod®, the GripTight Mount lets the vlogger truly utilise the Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it.™ solution but thanks to the ¼ – 20” ,this mount is also compatible with most of the other JOBY supports – not just GorillaPods – for maximum freedom of choice.

While the unit can be instantly paired with the GorillaPod® for versatile positioning, it can also be used with the wall mount that allows the user to go hands free – perfect for recipe vlogs or make-up tutorials. Simply position the wall-mounted phone in the chosen position and hit ‘record’! The robust wall mount is quick and easy to position on most smooth, flat surfaces, giving greater versatility to the way vloggers and content creators imagine their contents. Teamed with a convenient cable management system to avoid tangles and snagged cables, the JOBY GripTight™ Wall Mount for MagSafe is a compact and essential part of any mobile vlogger’s kit.

The JOBY GripTight™ Mount for MagSafe joins the rest of the JOBY family, and can be paired with the Wavo Mobile™, Beamo Mini™, the RangePod™ and, of course, the GorillaPod®. It weighs in at just 90g/3.17oz and measures 161mm/6.34” x 31mm/1.22” x 60mm/2.36”, so it won’t take up too much space in any bag.

The new JOBY GripTight™ system for MagSafe is available from £22.95. For more information see

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