New Call Of Duty Battle Royale
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New Call Of Duty Battle Royale

The New Call Of Duty Battle Royale mode has been revealed.

It’s official news! Activision has unveiled Call of Duty: Warzone, its their new battle royale game, and it’ll be available to play on 10th March 2020.

Warzone will be free to play across gaming platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PCs.

Call of Duty’s official Twitter account revealed that the the battle royale mode is dropping when the revealed the trailer. You can watch that below.

The New Battle Royale Mode is available FREE to play on 10th March 2020.
The New Battle Royale Mode is available FREE to play on 10th March 2020.


Warzone is a new Call of Duty game mode.

Battle royale games are multiplayer online games where players can fight and explore a game together. The end goal is to be the last man or woman standing. You’ll need to be fast, and pick up the best guns, ammo and armour to stand a chance of winning.

Or become one of a hated bunch of gamers – CAMPERS! Camp your way through the game without firing a single shot!

New Call Of Duty Battle Royale – Campers Paradise

If you’re already a Modern Warfare player it’ll be available as an update from 8am PT/11am ET/3pm BST.

The download size (as usual) is a huge 15 or 22GB.

If you don’t own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the game will be available at 12pm PT/3pm ET/7pm BST and the download will be between 80-100GB.

It looks set to be an awesome gaming experience but our only worry is that it’ll become a campers paradise!

Check out the video below to see the full trailer.

The new Call of Duty Battle Royale

New Call Of Duty Battle Royale – Features List

  • One Massive Map
  • Two game modes including ‘Plunder’
  • Unlock items and earn loot
  • Spend in game cash to upgrade your kit
  • Earn your respawn by winning a 1v1 match in the Gulag.
  • Free to play for everyone

Call of Duty – FAQ’s

How much is Battle Royale?

It’s FREE to play for everyone.

How long will the new battle royale mode take to download?

It’s a large download! We expect it to take anywhere from 20 minutes up to 60 minutes depending on your internet download speed.

Where can I download the new Battle Royale mode?

You’ll need an activision account. Follow the instructions!

How many players in the new call of duty battle royale mode?

It’s a massive game. They’ll be 150 players all vying to be the last man standing.

Can I pick up guns and ammo?

You’ll be able to unlock guns and ammo as well as earn in game cash to buy loot.

Can I transfer my skins and loadouts?

You should be able to transfer your loadouts and customer skins and play them on Warzone.

If you have any more questions, drop us a comment and we’ll hopefully have the answer.

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