Author: Trevor Coward

Oneodio A11 Review
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Here’s my OneOdio A11 Review. You! Yes You! Are you tired of all these tiny earphones? People can’t see them and always disrupt your sick tunes, it’s just annoying. Well I have just the solution for you. When I received these headphones I was really excited, they look great, and […]

The Best PS3 Horror Games

The Best PS3 Horror Games

The PS3 is a perfect console to play horror games on, because it’s a console that’s slap bang in the middle between retro and next-gen. Which means, you get amazing graphics and an excellent gameplay experience. It was just wildly improved over anything the PS2 had to offer. Here’s my […]

The Best Ever Shoot Em Ups

The Best Shoot Em Ups of All Time

Shoot ‘em ups, Shmups if you will, are a sub-genre of shooting games which are best defined by the protagonist facing off against a load of enemies, shooting them whilst avoiding their fire. There are a load of different sub-genres of shoot ‘em up games because there is so much […]

The Best PS2 Horror Games

11 Of The Best PS2 Horror Games

We’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to compile a list of the best PS2 horror games, but we also decided we wanted to go a bit retro with it. The nights are getting darker, the air is getting colder. The urge to watch ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Hocus […]