Spherical Alliance Release Date
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Spherical Alliance Release Date

The Spherical Alliance Release Date has been announced. We’ve added the full press release below. Check it out!

Indie game developer Stefan Preuss is proud to announce the worldwide release of his latest retro game Spherical Alliance, an old-skool arcade platformer challenging you with its mind-bending puzzles, strategy and magical elements. Spherical Alliance is available on PC and macOS via STEAM™ and has been designed and produced from the ground up to fans of the genre, wannabe wizards, and fans of classic games such as Solomon’s Key

Spherical Alliance Release Date

Spherical Alliance is retro-gaming at its best with its glorious flick-screen visuals featuring a series of increasingly difficult 2D screens to solve.

Decades ago, Ian the Wizard summoned a portal of great power in one of his magical experiments and was accidently dragged into a mysterious world of puzzles!

Ian was simply trying to get a closer look when he, and his trusted sidekick, and intelligent and quite curious spherical being of a friend got sucked into darkness only to awaken in a strange and difficult world with meager hope of escape.

Your task is to bring the sphere to the next blue whirling portal to hopefully return to your ordinary wizardry world with your spherical friend! Get ready for some magical gaming and venture into an unknown environment full of danger and surprises! 
Spherical Alliance is a cleverly designed puzzler challenging you to help Ian the Wizard guide his Sphere through each level by making and breaking blocks to proceed.

Enemies are everywhere and they can be trapped, tricked and of course neutralized as you play. Discover a safe passage through each screen and collect gems on your way. Keys you collect are required to make safe passage and magic can be collected to build or break blocks.

Mystery gems contain items you must discover for yourself, and teleporters come in useful when you seem stuck. You can take out enemies using your magical fire shots and even change the gravity of your Sphere.

Time is of the essence and you can slow down enemies when needed. Featuring an astonishing 156 levels to play and 7 epic bosses to fight you can tailor the game to suit to your personal preference with its multiple modes of difficulty as you take on the levels in its many variations such as ClassicPuzzle or Arcade action.

Hidden items can be found, and you might come across fairies along the way! A supercool feature is the addition of a 2-player Co-op mode where you team up with a buddy for some serious magical fun.
Spherical Alliance is a fun and challenging game engineered by a team of experienced retro-gamers with hands-on experience from the classic games of the golden 16-bit era; using their combined knowledge and team effort they have with Spherical Alliance created a unique contemporary puzzler that is a must-have download in your game collection today!

Spherical Alliance Release Date Trailer


  • Classic Retro-Gaming
  • Tons Of Stuff To Collect
  • Bonus & Secret Levels
  • Puzzles Galore
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels
  • 2-Player Co-Op Fun!
  • Pro-Tracker Inspired Audio

Spherical Alliance is available on STEAM™ Click here to go check it out.

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