Best Modern Warfare Players

Best Modern Warfare Players

The Best Modern Warfare players are changing almost weekly. But, we thought it’d be good to have a look back at the very best players to grace Modern Warfare since it launched.

If like us, you’re a massive Modern Warfare fan or are an active COD player, the chances are you’ll have heard of at least some, or all of the players on our list. So read on below to check out the Best Modern Warfare Players.

  1. The Best Players
  2. Most Popular Modern Warfare Streamers
  3. Modern Warfare Player Setups
  4. Tips To Become The Best Modern Warfare Player

Best Modern Warfare Players

So you want to know who the best Modern Warfare players are right? Well the good news is we’ve got you covered. The following guys and girls aren’t in a particular order but they are all insanely skilled at COD:MW.

First up, it’s Piper.


FormaL is a great player.
FormaL is a great player.

Matthew “FormaL” Piper is a pro COD player. He currently plays for the Chicago Huntsmen.

Formal began his competitive gaming career playing HALO. After climbing the ranks as a Halo pro, he began to look elsewhere, perhaps for a new challenge, enter Call Of Duty.

FormaL is a record holder. He’s a beast. He currently holds the record for highest kill death ratio at the CoD Championships when he won in 2017. He was also named MVP at that same event.

He doesn’t have as many rings as Clayster or ACHES, but his domination of the Call of Duty scene since he moved over from playing HALO definitely justifies his place in our article.


Best Modern Warfare Players: Syndicate is an epic player.
Best Modern Warfare Players: Syndicate is an epic player.

Syndicate, also known by his real name Tom Cassell is a British streamer and vlogger who rose to fame on YouTube by playing Call Of Duty Zombies.

Syndicate is one of the best modern warfare players not just in the UK but in the world. He’s also a Call of Duty partner so had early access to the game to practice his skills.

He’s currently ranked within the top 500 players in the world on PlayStation for total wins. That’s impressive.

He’s registered on Twitch and as of 23rd April 2020 has 2,949,740 followers. Syndicate was the first streamer on Twitch to reach 1 million followers.

Crimsix – Probably The Best Modern Warfare Player

Crimsix, also known by his real name of Ian Porter. He’s a pro Call Of Duty player from the US. As professional esports competitor he has gained fame for being one of the best Modern Warfare players in the world.

Crimsix was the first player in the world to win the Major League Gaming Pro Player title in Call of Duty and Halo. He’s currently ranked in 1st place, according to the eSportsearnings website.

He’s also pocketed an impressive $810,909.47 in prize money. That’s just shy of 1 million dollars. Who wouldn’t want to make a million playing video games?

You can also find Crimsiz on Twitch, he currently has over 300,000 followers on the streaming platform.


Indervir Dhaliwal is a Call of Duty esports player, currently signed to Dallas Empire. Also known by his gamertag iLLeY, the Canadian COD player has recently placed 1st and 2nd in two Call Of Duty tournaments.

Those two tournaments ended with iLLeY pocketing an impressive $80,000. It’s not just cash that entices these pro players to continue playing Call Of Duty though, these players are adorned by fans all over the globe.

You’ll find iLLeY live streaming on Twitch most nights, he currently has 99,381 followers on the streaming platform.


Damon Barlow otherwise known as Barlow is a three-time world champion Call of Duty player. He’s one of the best Call of Duty Players. Having won the 2013, 2014 and 2017 championships he makes winning look easy.

After JKap was knocked out at the 2019 CWL Championship it was almost inevitable that Karma would win and would become the only player to boast three world championship rings.

When he first came up playing Black Ops 2 he was always topping the leaderboard and as we said before, makes it look easy.

Best Modern Warfare Players – Tips To Get Better

We often see COD players commenting online, so we’ve took a few of those comments and added our thoughts on how to improve those areas of your game.

Jumping and aiming around corners at the same time. Allowing you to be on target faster.

You’ll need a third party controller such as the Scuf Controller. They allow you to jump and maintain camera access at the same time. Some people are just fast with switching their thumb between the two tho

What I do is try to position my crosshair on someone or where I think they’ll be before I jump so that way I don’t need to do both at once

The best Modern Warfare Players often use 3rd Party Controllers.
The best Modern Warfare Players often use 3rd Party Controllers.

The enemy reticle never seems to move when firing an automatic gun. It just seems to lock onto me. When I fire my weapon my reticle is moving all over the place.

Practice, practice and more practice. Once you’ve practiced, practice some more. If you’ve played previous Call Of Duty games you’ll notice that reocil is pretty much non existant.

Modern Warfare (The 2020 game) is the first one to have realistic recoil on most of the weapons. Most guns in the previous games didn’t require a whole lot of control and were for the most part, recoilless.

In order to get better at COD you’ll need to understand the recoil feel of the guns in your loadout. If you do that and you’ll be able to predict the recoil and this will ultimately improve your aiming skills.

You’ll need to improve your aiming skills if you want to be a better call of duty player.

Other players seem to be able to put together long killstreaks.The VTOL, Gunship and Juggernaut just make me want to leave the game. You can’t do anything but stay under cover for fear of getting killed. I can’t get a decent killstreak.

Killstreaks are pretty strong in this game. To get more killstreaks you can use a few tips below.

Use the claymores. In Modern Warfare they have a really wide blast radius. The best thing about using claymores is that they’re quick to put on the floor, you can carry two and you can hide them behind closed doors.

Also make sure to take your time pushing through buildings. Utilise the peek feature to have a look around corners. Use peak to deal with corner campers and players abusing head glitches.

Killstreaks are fairly easy to obtain in Modern Warfare.
Killstreaks are fairly easy to obtain in Modern Warfare.

“I always get shot and die before I have time to react”

You need to use cover and practice getting behind hard targets to prevent you from taking fire. One thing you can also do is check out some of the streams we’ve added under nearth the best modern warfare players.

If you watch some of their streams you’ll pick up some tips.

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