The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

Here’s a comprehensive guide to The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games. Most of them are suitable for players of all ages and some are suited to a more mature audience.

There are hundreds of games available but we consider these to be the best free switch games available. They’re all available to download from the Nintendo website.

The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

First up on the list is Super Kirby Clash! We’ve also compiled a list of some really good educational games for kids that are available to play on the Nintendo Switch. Check them out.

Super Kirby Clash – Suitable For Kids The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

Super Kirby Clash is a fantastic free Nintendo Switch Game.
Super Kirby Clash is a fantastic free Nintendo Switch Game.

Super Kirby Clash, part of the Kirby series is a brilliant free Nintendo Switch Game. It can be played with a team of up to four players.

During gameplay, each player selects from the four available characters, each serving a unique role. The goal is to progress through the game by defeating bosses in an action packed experience. Each player can increase the power of their character with various weapons, armour and items that can be crafted or purchased at the shop with materials.

Wielding a mighty sword, Sword Hero is an all-rounder that has a balance of strength and speed allowing a diverse range of gameplay styles to be used. Hammer Lord is the heavy weight character, carrying a large hammer to focus on dealing damage. Doctor Healmore carries a healing potion that can be used by players to keep each other alive. Finally, Beam Mage is a delicate character wielding a powerful staff to attack from a distance.

By sharing the Joy-Con controllers, players can experience the boss battles together in a local multiplayer experience. The game can also be played online or with a local wireless connection and it is compatible with Amiibo figures, awarding benefits in game.

Free Download.

Tetris 99

Tetris 99 can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo Switch Store.
Tetris 99 can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo Switch Store.

Tetris 99 is an online multiplayer puzzle game that takes the classic Tetris game and turns it into a battle royale style experience. 99 players are put head to head, all with the goal to be the final player left competing.

The game is based on the original Tetris recipe and builds up with additional gameplay elements. As usual, players are fed various shapes of bricks, referred to as tetrominoes, that they must carefully arrange with minimal gaps. If a player’s tetrominoes stack over the top of the screen, they are eliminated.

The unique gameplay of Tetris 99 includes the ability for players to hamper each other’s progress when they clear multiple lines of tetrominoes at once or in a row, or perform special moves. When this is done, the receiving player has the chance to perform well in order to mitigate the deterrence. There are also badges that can be earned by causing players to lose with this mechanic. With more badges, a player has the ability to do more damage to their competitors.

To keep things exciting, the game offers limited time special events periodically and a DLC package was released in May 2019.

Free Download.


Warface is a first person shooter on the Nintendo Switch.
Warface is a first person shooter on the Nintendo Switch.

Warface is a first person shooter game that requires each player to select between the five available classes (Engineer, Medic, Rifleman, SED and Sniper) that each offer a unique role in gameplay with different weapons and items.

The Engineer class is equipped with explosive mines and the ability to interact quickly with all explosives, not to mention they can give out armour. Medics are required to heal injured and revive dead teammates. Riflemen are focused on the firearm combat, also able to hand out ammo to the team. Snipers enable the team to engage in combat from a far distance with sniper rifles. Finally, SED’s (Synthetically Engineered Doubles) are designed for suppressive fire with heavy weapons including a grenade launcher.

The customization system allows weapons to be fitted with a range of attachments to gain an advantage, including suppressors, handles, bipods, flash guards and scopes.

Warface includes online multiplayer where players all compete against each other for victory, as well as the ability to work together on a team against computer controlled enemies. While progressing through the game, players are awarded Vendor Points, Warface Dollars and Experience Points. These systems allow players to increase their rank and earn weapons, armour and other items.

Free Download.


Featuring a third person view in a 3D world, players each select from 109 different characters to play at the start of a game. There are five classes that each of the characters fall into, these include Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior.

Beginning at opposite sides of the match with each player armed with a basic attack, a passive ability and four active abilities, players are in two teams of five players aiming to reach the other team’s starting position and defeat all remaining forces. The game can also cone to a conclusion if a team decides to surrender. This option is given after the 10 minute mark and requires a majority of players on that team to vote and agree.

The map features three lanes running parallel across the map, between each starting position. Along the lanes are defensive towers and small soldier creatures called minions, that assist in the efforts to reach the other team’s side. A wide range of effects are used to damage other players, minions, structures, and other enemies.

Items can be purchased throughout the game to receive bonuses and abilities that award an advantage. Abilities themselves can also be upgraded as a player’s character is levelling up.

Free Download.


Warframe is a great third person game. It just so happens it's free!
Warframe is a great third person game. It just so happens it’s free!

Warframe is a third person game set in a futuristic 3D world. Players each control a member of the Tenno race, a group of ancient worriers split into various factions. Gameplay involves using weapon systems called Warframes in addition to a variety of other weapons and abilities, in order to progress through missions.

With widely varied gameplay, Warframe can involve a range of activities reflecting elements of shooter games, RPG games and games that require stealth.

Each player is provided with a ship that acts as a portal for the missions. Travelling all throughout the solar system, players find relays in order to unlock new areas. The ship is also where players can manage their character’s weapons, equipment and customizing their Warframe, as well as where the in game store can be found for microtransactions.

When a player would like to take part in a mission, they can decide to play alone or with up to 3 other friends making a total team of four. Missions vary in difficulty and involve completing a range of objectives by reaching a certain number of kills, successfully executing stealthy operations, saving prisoners or just defending for a set amount of time.

Free Download.

Pokémon Quest – The Best Free Nintendo Switch Game suitable for Kids

Side profile of the Radon 610.
Pokemon Quest is a great game for kids. It’s also available to download for free for the Switch.

Pokémon Quest takes place on Tumblecube Island, part of a blocky 3D world. The Pokémon in this game are cube shaped too and they’re referred to as ‘Pokéxel’. Gameplay involves managing and progressing the Pokémon team and their base camp. After finishing every level in the game, all of the Pokémon are defeated and the game is complete.

With most actions taking place at the base camp, it can be considered the main hub. Preparing food to lure Pokémon and arranging decorations for a range of benefits are common tasks that are completed through the base camp. New wild Pokémon also come by the base camp once every twenty-two hours that you can train. Levelling a Pokémon is done through expeditions and training.

In order the rid the island of wild Pokémon, players progress through 12 locations, each with several levels to complete. Players are allowed to take 1-3 Pokémon to a battle for each level. Gameplay is extremely varied with a grand total of 167 unique moves throughout all the Pokémon.

During expeditions, players can find a wide range of ingredients. There are 18 food dishes in total that can be made from the ingredients found, each being useful to attract a certain type of Pokémon. Ingredients can also be gathered by recycling Power Stones.

Free Download.

Kitten Squad

Kitten Squad was first released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Android. Later released on other platforms, the game arrived for Nintendo Switch in 2018. Kitten Squad is a twin-stick shooter game published by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, in efforts to educate people on animal abuse. The game includes events inspired by true stories in order to emphasise this point.

The plot of Kitten Squad starts when evil robots at the enslave various animals throughout the world on SeaLand’s behalf, for the benefit of the animal industries. An elite team of kittens called the Kitten Squad attempts to go up against the robots and save the animals from the grasp of SeaLand. 

Players can use a wide range of weaponry including yarn ball guns and rocket launchers that fire carrots. In addition, there’s a detailed customization system allowing players to make their character exactly how they’d like. Costumes for each character can be earned through progression of the game.

As well as the standard single player experience, the multiplayer mode takes the game to another level, allowing players to enjoy it with up to four friends or family.

Free Download.

Fortnite – One of The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

Fortnite is an action packed shooter game mainly focusing on multiplayer experiences, although there is also single player functionality. Played in a 3D world where players control a character in first person, Fortnite includes three game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

If you already have Fortnite, check out this guide for playing Fornite in Split Screen mode.

Save the World:

This game mode is played with up to four players working together to complete a range of missions. The plot of the game involves Earth being imposed by a strange storm that is deadly to humans. Gameplay involves finding resources, rescuing other survivors and defending strategic points. Progressing through the missions rewards the player with new characters to play, new weapons and traps, as well as new survivors to recruit. Each of these elements can later be developed with skill points.

Battle Royale:

Set in the same scenario as Save the World, with a mysterious and deadly storm invading the Earth, this game mode involves playing solo, with one friend, or in a squad of three or four, and taking part in a battle to the death with up to 100 players total. Starting with no weapon or gear, players choose a location to begin their journey to loot and fight for their lives while the circle of storm shrinks.


The Creative game mode is played very differently with players given 100% freedom to interact with the in-game world as they please. This means spawning any available item, creating structures and more.

Free Download.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that involves building and managing your own fallout shelter, also known as your Vault. Dwellers are the citizens of the shelter and it is the player’s job to control and guide them.

There are a range of characters to choose from, each focused on a different resource within the game. For each character statistic there is a training room where characters’ stats can be levelled up. The player can add onto their Vault by building different types of rooms that eventually provide new items and increases to stats.

Dwellers have certain requirements that must be upheld to keep them happy. These include power, food and water. A large part of the game’s strategy involves balancing these resources for the dwellers. Dwellers can also level up as players progress through the game, awarding both benefits to their health as well as helpful new weapons and items.

Dwellers from the wasteland periodically arrive at the player’s Vault, wanting to be rescued. They can be recruited and assigned to various buildings that generate resources. Another way to increase dweller population involves coupling male and female dwellers and putting them in living quarters to make baby dwellers.

Free Download.

Dawn of the Breakers

Dawn of the Breakers places players in the eyes of a Japanese high school student. The game is set in a world where Ghouls are waging a war against humans and a team of superheroes, called the Breakers, attempts to save the world from destruction. You become a part of the superhero unit and battle begins to take place. The unpredictable story that unfolds is truly a thrill to take part in.

In a 3D world with an anime theme, gameplay involves a single player campaign brawling against enemies including vicious monsters and peculiar villains. There is a wide range of choice for the player’s hero and they all have different abilities that require being played differently. As players progress through the game, their hero undergoes several transformations, each time unlocking new abilities that can be utilised. There’s also equipment that can be equipped to increase a hero’s capability even further.

In addition, there are both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes so players can enjoy Dawn of the Breakers with up to 6 people. Co-op mode has players work together to fight back against the Ghouls with explosives, while the Arena allows players to compete against each other for victory. Not to mention, you can take your customized heroes from single player into the multiplayer modes.

Free Download.

So, there you have it. Our list of The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games. Feel free to add your thoughts on the list in the comments below.

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