How to Beat Tonberry

How to Beat Tonberry – Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to Beat Tonberry? Longtime FF fans rejoice, Tonberry’s are back in the Final Fantasy VII remake. Read on below to find out how to slay these suckers.

We covered the FF7 remake earlier on the blog. If you go on to buy it, make sure you have a decent amount of hard drive space left, as the download is massive!

How to Beat Tonberry?

Make it to Chapter 14 in the Final Fantasy 7 remake and you’ll need to beat a Tonberry. For longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series, you’ll know just how dangerous Tonberries can be.

If you’re not familiar with Tonberries they’re described as being sneaky, slow and viscous beings that creep through the darkness carrying knives and lanterns.

You’ll get two chances to take on and slay a Tonberry in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. The first one is apart of a side quest called Malicious Goons. The second opportunity comes as part of the Combat Simulator Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend’s second round on Hard Mode.

How to Beat Tonberry? Final Fantasy VII Remake.
How to Beat Tonberry? Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How to Beat Tonberry – A guide

The first time you face a Tonberry you’ll have some back up in the form of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret. This allows you to defeat it relatively easily.

Tonberry does have a lot of health though so it can take a fair amount of punishment before giving in. The key to defeating it is to overpower it by constantly and repetitively attacking it, allowing the Tonberry no respite from your onslaught.

You’ll beat Tonberry a lot easier by using your characters abilities in unison with their other attacks. For example if you are playing as Cloud, go for his Triple Slash. For Tifa it’s the Starshower!

Be careful of Tonberries Chef’s Knife attack. It can kill you in one hit. If you see the icon that indicates he is about to attack be very careful. His moves are very difficult to avoid.

Stick to the plan of just constantly attacking! Keep an eye out for when your friends die, you’ll need to revive them quickly.

Combat Simulator

Your combat strategy should change slightly when you face Tonberry in the Simulator. The reason is simple, it has to be done on Hard Mode. This means you’ll have no items that you can use to your advantage. If you die, you die. There will be no revivals. (Apart from Aerith – she can revive you)

The best strategy in our opinion is to head into battle with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. Give Aerith the Revival Materia and focus on the Tonberry with Cloud, unleash the abilities that are quick and deal damage rapidly.

The Tonberry will probably kill your selected playable character quite quickly, so make sure you revive them quickly with Aerith.

Repeat this strategy again and again until the Tonberry does us all a favour and dies!

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What is A Tonberry?

Tonberries are small, green creatures from the Final Fantasy series. They are often seen wearing a dark cloak and carrying a knife and gas lantern.

Your first impression will be that they appear very docile and sedate. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating. Tonberries have great amounts of HP, and are immune to most status problems.

Their attacks are known to produce KO’s in just one hit.

Don't underestimate the Tonberry if you want to defeat it!
Don’t underestimate the Tonberry if you want to defeat it!

“The Tonberry, sometimes known as Pug, Dinglberry, Tonberries and Meteor Master, is a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series. Since its debut in Final Fantasy V, the Tonberry has become a series mainstay and along with the Behemoth and Malboro, it stands as one of the series’ iconic and formidable enemies. It also appears as a summoned monster in several games.” – Final Fantasy Fandom

How To Beat A Tonberry? – F.A.Q’s

Is Tonberry in Kingdom Hearts?

Yes. Tonberry appears in Kingdom Hearts 2.

How Powerful is Tonberry?

They are fairly strong, but if your follow the strategy it shouldn’t take too much effort to beat one. There is a really powerful Tonberry called Master Tonberry. It’s several Tonberries merged as one, and
is really powerful .

What attacks does the Tonberry have?

They will slash you with their Chef’s Knife and they are able to knock you out in just one attack. Be careful.

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