How To Beat Reno

How To Beat Reno – Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to Beat Reno? Reno is back in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You’ll need to beat Reno in the church and although he is quite a difficult boss to fight, if you follow our guide it will give you the edge to overcome this powerful foe.

How to Beat Reno – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When Cloud finds himself in the Sector 5 Church with Barret and Tifa, directly after the fight with the Airbuster, Aerith also makes an appearance soon after. When Reno comes to attack Aerith, Cloud takes the chance to defend her and engage in combat with Reno by himself. Being one of the trickier fights in the game, we put together this guide to take you step by step through the process of how to beat Reno.

How to Beat Reno: Play as Cloud and beat reno!
How to Beat Reno: Play as Cloud and beat reno!

Who is Reno?

Reno is a member of Shinra, one of the Turks’ divisions. Known to be arrogant and bad mouthed, Reno lets loose on the insults during the battle with Cloud. Standing out with his red hair, Final Fantasy VII was his first appearance, and he later appeared in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Reno's abilities and weaknesses.
Reno’s abilities and weaknesses.

Abilities and Weaknesses

  • Weaknesses / Status Ailments: None
  • Lesser Resistances: None
  • Greater Resistances: Lightning, Proportional Damage
  • Immunities: Silence, Slow, Berserk
  • Absorbed Elements: None
  • Abilities: Beatdown (Physical), Rushdown (Physical), Shock Swipe (Physical), Bright Spark (Magic: Lighting), EM Flail (Magic: Lightning), EM Shot (Magic: Lightning), EM Charge, Counterattack (Physical)

How to Beat Reno

The battle against Reno is quite unique because it happens directly after the Airbuster fight. The battle takes place in particularly close quarters and a strategy focusing on blocking at the perfect moments is how to beat Reno, since he’s incredibly vulnerable to Cloud’s block.

Reno brings a few guards with him to the fight, and defeating them should be your focus at the start of the battle. With the guards out of the way, you’ll be able to more effectively deal with Reno. A valuable tool in this part of the fight is the Triple Slash from Cloud’s Iron Blade since it wipes out the guards with ease within a few uses.

Now that you’re engaged in a one vs. one fight with Reno, focus on learning the choreography of his moves rather than rushing to make a move early yourself. Take your time and watch each of Reno’s attacks, making sure to take advantage of Cloud’s movement speed to avoid them every time, because when Reno lands his attacks on you, he can overpower you quite quickly.

One of Reno’s attacks at this stage is throwing a blue projectile. The one time during this battle when Cloud’s block becomes quite ineffective is when Reno’s dash attack is blue, so make sure to avoid that completely. Keep in mind that Reno uses a dash before every attack, which means it’s best to only use a dodge after he’s finished his dash. Dodging during Reno’s dash to avoid it will likely result in him landing a brutal combo on you.

Blocks will be very useful during the fight because every time Reno attacks with a plain attack and gets blocked instead, he becomes stunned for a small time, allowing you to land some combos on him before he runs away again. This is also a good time to use Cloud’s Focus Thrust ability since it does quite a lot of damage. One thing to avoid is any lighting ability because Reno is particularly resistant to it.

Here's how to beat Reno.
Here’s how to beat Reno.

After some time of this, there will be another cutscene where Reno throws out some of his mines with EM Mine Toss. If Cloud activates a mine, he will be stunned giving Reno the chance to do damage. It’s important to destroy the mines as soon as possible at this point. Again, the Triple Slash ability is very effective for taking multiple targets out at once, so take advantage of that here.

Being able to focus on Reno once again, you should go back to the same strategy you were using before. Learn the rhythm of Reno’s attacks and act accordingly. It’s possible for Reno to use EM Mine Toss multiple times quickly in succession, so keep an eye out and work his health down while avoiding it.

If you don’t destroy the projectile mines in time, Reno may use EM Flail which has him make use of his electric baton to hurl electrically charged mines at you. If you find yourself in this situation, use Cloud’s movement speed to run away, or the dodge ability, rather than blocking. Eventually Reno will stop using the electric baton and start using basic physical attacks again.

Keep going back to the strategy of working Reno’s health down until the fight is over. Once you defeat Reno, you’ll be rewarded with 600 EXP, 10 AP, 600 gil and a bottle of ether. After that, the Sector 5 Church is overwhelmed with ghost creatures, giving Cloud and Aerith a moment to escape Reno and his guards completely. Note that while you do have the ability to explore the church at this point, Reno and his guards can still hunt Cloud and Aerith down, so make sure to escape the church fully first.  This will force Reno to abandon the area.

With this method in mind, you should know exactly how to beat Reno and get progress through Final Fantasy 7 Remake with ease. Good luck!

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F.A.Q – How to Beat Reno

How powerful is Reno?

With Reno’s various attacks, he can be quite powerful, and the battle becomes particularly hard considering you’re probably not in the best shape after the battle with the Airbuster.

What chapter does Reno appear in?

Reno first appears during battle in the Sector 5 Church, which is at the beginning of chapter 8.

When was the FF7 Remake launched?

Digital copies were first released on the 10th of April, with physical copies later released. It was announced on the 30th of March that Australia and Europe’s physical versions would be shipped out early because of the Coronavirus pandemic increasing in concern.

Cloud must Beat Reno!
Cloud must Beat Reno!

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