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Final Fantasy XIV: How to play for free?

Players can try out Final Fantasy XIV free of charge for a limited time from November 18th
until December 16th. Free login campaign was already introduced once before and is
intended to attract inactive players. This strategy allows players to check what is new with
the game and serves as a turning point that would get old players back into FFXIV and
prompt them to renew their subscriptions.

On the other hand, new players can try the game under different rules, which we will explain
in more detail. Do you need help to immerse yourself in the mystical world of Eorzea due to
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Free Login Campaign

As mentioned, players can log in to FFXIV from November 18th to December 16th, 7 a.m.
PST for free. To be eligible for the free login, players must own an inactive account for at
least a month. Once they log into the game, the free period will begin and will last for four

Players should note that the countdown will remain active even if the player is offline or
during server maintenance. Also, if players renew their subscription during the free trial, the
subscription will take effect instantly and nullify any left free play time.

Free Trial

New players are welcomed, too, as Square Enix prepared something for players looking to
test their mettle in Eorzea for the first time. Those just starting in FFXIV can take advantage
of free gameplay up to level 60, but they have to own an account that has never been used
for free trials. FFXIV is supported on PS4 and PC, but the PC version has to be installed from
Steam and accessed through the Square Enix launcher, complicating things further.


To a surprise, newbies can experience plenty of content-specific restrictions, including A
Realm Reborn
, base game, and Heavensward expansion. Also, as stated above, players can
level their accounts up to 60, whereas the full version supports leveling up to 90.
Furthermore, the free trial offers 14 job/class options for players, as the trial is restricted
until the Stormblood expansion. This means Samurai, Dancer, Gunbreaker, Red Mage, Sage,
and Reaper cannot be used.

Regarding races, only those added in A Realm Reborn are playable, excluding Au Ra, Viera,
and Hrothgar, which are available in the full version. Additionally, players in the free trial will
have some communication commands blocked, like /tell, /yell, and /shout.

Maybe the most significant blow the free trial enforces is the inability to trade with other
players, which can severely impact one’s progression. Apart from the trade restriction,
players cannot hire retainers, gain access to the Market Board or hold more than 300k Gil in
their wallets, unlike complete version players.

Finally, in the full version, players can add friends, send or receive mail, and create or join
parties and Free Companies, whereas free trial players have all the mentioned points
restricted but the join party option.

Upgrading to the Full Version

Although expansive, the free trial content is not unlimited, meaning once players reach the
peak of their potential in the free trial, they can opt for one of the subscription plans to
access much more content. A good starting point could be the FFXIV starter edition, which
features the same content without restrictions.

With this version, players get a one-month subscription for free. Free trial characters will be
transferred to the starter edition without the possibility of reversing that action. Another
alternative would be to jump to the FFXIV complete edition that features the rest of the
story and content from Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker expansions.

Final Thoughts

According to seasoned FFXIV players and those who have played through the free trial
version, the trading restrictions do not impact the game’s playability much, and with the
help of the duty finder, the free trial is not as bad as you think.

There is content for everyone, with well over a hundred hours, as the base game, A Realm
Reborn, and Heavensward expansion incorporate plenty of main and side quests, raids,
dungeons, etc. Also, remember that the free login campaign is only valid through December
16th if you want to get back into FFXIV.

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