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How to Open EML Files Without Outlook?

EML is a file format that stores text messages, images, and any attachments. They are often generated by mail applications such as Windows Mail or MS Outlook. And to display their content, if the relevant program is already installed on your computer, just double-click on the file. However, if you don’t use programs that support EML docs, you may still face the necessity of reading such a file. Those who work with the public administration and chartered accountants who use certified mail a lot end up sending protected and encrypted messages that appear to recipients as emails with different attachments made from EML with the postacert.eml name, an XML file called daticert.xml, and one called smite.p7s. Let’s find out how to read the EML docs without Outlook and similar programs.

Traditional and Alternative Methods

If your PC fails to display the EML, the problem can be solved simply by installing WLM, Windows Mail, Outlook, or an alternative program. In fact, just click with the right mouse button on any doc in EML format and select Properties from the Windows context menu. In the window that opens, click the Change button, select the preferred email client, i.e., WLM, Outlook, or Thunderbird, and finish by clicking OK to save the changes made. At this point, however, there may be a drawback, i.e., the favorite program for managing email does not appear in the list of available applications. If this happens, just click the Browse button at the bottom right and manually select the program from your computer. Once this is done, you can open the EML files by double-clicking on their icons and importing them into your email client by selecting the appropriate item from the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the EML to PST converter or a similar app to convert the doc for your desktop mail program.

EML can be imported into various email programs, such as MS Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. You can also open it in Internet Explorer as it is formatted as an MHT file. You can change the extension of the EML document to MHT and open it directly in Internet Explorer. EML docs can also be opened in Internet Explorer using the MS Exchange Server Outlook WebAccess client.

Since EML docs are partially saved in plain text format, you can open them using a text editor, such as MS Notepad or Apple TextEdit. However, it may be necessary to change the extension of the EML to TXT. Overall, the list of the programs that open EML files looks as follows:

  • Internet Explorer;
  • MS Outlook;
  • Thunderbird;
  • MS Outlook Express;
  • Windows Live Mail;
  • MS Edge;
  • Apple Mail;
  • IncrediMail, etc.

If, on the other hand, there is a need to import numerous messages in EML format, it is particularly recommended to rely on Thunderbird. It is a free and cross-platform program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once the installation is complete, just start Thunderbird, configure your email account, and finally install the add-on that allows the import of EML docs. 

How to edit an EML file?

An EML file format is easily editable by any text editor, and its structure is typical of an XML file. It is therefore sufficient to change everything we want in our email, convert the EML back to MSG, and drag it back into Outlook. How to save an email in the Outlook EML format?

  • In the email list, choose the message you want to save;
  • Go to menu> File> Save As;
  • Enter a name or leave the default name;
  • Click Save and your message will be saved in a file with the EML extension.

You can also read your EML on your smartphone: right-click on the MHT file and choose to view it with Internet Explorer. Since MHT docs can also be opened from Google Chrome, this is a great solution to open EML docs from an Android smartphone without using additional apps.

Now you know all the possible ways to read your EML files with or without special apps. Feel free to share your feedback with us below.

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