Give Your Mac the Ultimate Security Boost

Did you know one little device can enhance your Mac’s security, prevent hackers, and gain access to Geo-blocked content?

We’re pretty sure that you have heard something along the lines of: “Macs are the best laptops in terms of pre-programmed security.” Well, this isn’t necessarily true, and it has caused many debates. But that is a story for another day.  

This article will help you discover how you can give your Mac the ultimate security boost by installing a VPN. It also highlights the various security benefits, as well as the fun perks. For example, you can change your virtual location, giving you access to Geo-blocked content, either for gaming or streaming.

The Importance of Installing on Your Mac 

Undoubtedly, it is true that Apple works really hard to ensure the Mac and iMacs come with solid basic features. Due to the high quality, people assume that they do not need to install any security software. Well, that might not be the case.  

You are still not completely protected online if you do not use a VPN when gaming, browsing, or shopping. Therefore, read on to see the benefits of a VPN for Mac. If you are security-conscious, then you might already be familiar with a VPN.  

Besides masking your IP address, which makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to your information, a VPN can also provide you with tons of security features, meaning you can just use the basic security Mac features for your virus protection. If you correctly install your VPN, it will automatically encrypt your digital footprint, files you send, and much more.  

People assume that by opening a private or “incognito” browser that they are hidden. In fact, the only thing private browsing hides is your browsing history; it doesn’t keep a record.

Best VPN for Macs  

Right, so let’s say that you are not too worried about getting malware on your devices. Yes, basic Mac security can indeed prevent certain viruses. However, it cannot defend you from threats like hackers, whether it’s identity theft, email intrusions or taking your content (like payable downloadable content). Utilize a VPN so that you can give yourself the best security protection.  

We have given CyberGhost VPN our top slot, as it is extremely user-friendly. You have a great free basic package, but we do recommend getting the full service. It can help your game or stream and unlock geo-restricted content.

The Benefits of Utilizing a VPN on a Mac 

It can be said that Apple strives to be ahead of the hackers, they continuously release new updates, fixes to ensure that the basic security defenses are robust and your Mac performs well. But if you install a VPN for your Mac, you will feel far safer when streaming, browsing, or gaming. Besides the security, there are other benefits of a VPN for Mac. Below we have included some of the key benefits of the extra functions that usually come with a VPN.  

Access Geo-Blocked Content 

Has your favorite show been taken off Netflix, but it’s still available in a different country? Well, don’t worry! Simply check which country still has your show, then head over to your VPN. Select the preferred country, and it’s that simple you will be able to stream your favorite show.  

Bypass Blocked Sites 

Perhaps you’re in work, school, or even the hospital – all of these places tend to add restrictions on to the WIFI. Whereas, if you have a VPN, you can still get on to sites that are blocked by your workplace, school, or even your government.  

Enhance Your Gaming Experience 

Most VPNs can increase your streaming speed, which then improves your gameplay. Sometimes the servers can be overloaded at certain times of the day. Rather than getting kicked out of the server, simply use your VPN, change location and jump on to a less busy server. Plus, it can also enhance the download speed, which can make the user experience tons better.

Prevent Throttling

If it detects you are uploading/streaming large amounts of data, or at times of high demand, your ISP might ‘throttle’ your rate to save resources. With a VPN, the ISP will not know you are using a lot of data, and restrictions can be avoided.

Enjoy all these benefits and more with a VPN service. The cost is not high, and you can often install it onto multiple devices in your home or office.

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