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Top 15 Useful Sites That Can Boost Your Creativity

You can be a very creative person generating cool ideas, but sometimes, you may also get stuck. And that’s okay as we all need some rest. Luckily, we live in the digital era, and you can always surf the net trying to find inspiration. Remember that if you get stuck, this doesn’t mean that you have to walk out on this project. You need some rest and inspiration!

No matter who you are – a professional marketer, a student, or a web designer – the internet is overloaded with a plethora of websites that are always ready to inspire you. And in this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the best creativity websites available online. Searching for daily art inspiration? Get comfortable and have a look!


When it comes to talking about the best creative inspiration websites, we can’t pass by Movavi. It doesn’t matter who you are – a person who wants to make a creative family video or a professional marketing specialist. Movavi Video Suite is a powerful video maker that allows you to make creative videos, online tutorials, convert files, make memorable family videos, and much more. It’s a perfect multimedia program that allows you to create on the go. Overall, it’s a powerful video editor you simply can’t do without. Go to their site to test the functionality of this service; we bet you’ll like it.



When you are tired of your creative work, the best thing that you can do is to step aside and relax. This is where the use of this platform might come in handy. This app features daily guided meditation sessions that allow you to relax and gain power. All meditations available on this platform are perfectly designed. So there’s no need for you to take many timeouts to relax. Meditations last for 3-10 minutes – it’s enough to boost creativity.

Andy Puddicombe, a Buddhist monk, is the founder of this platform. For over ten years, his meditation sessions took him across various countries, including Burma, Nepal, Thailand, India, and Australia. After he finally finished his monastic commitment, Andy went back home and started teaching meditation and mindfulness. This man has worked with talented and well-known politicians, athletes, and business leaders. In 2010, he launched HeadSpace to pursue one goal – to make his techniques available to other people. All this blossomed into the Headspace app – a platform that includes a myriad of short and long meditations that allow you to switch your mind and relax.



It goes without saying that creating something new requires inspiration. It’s a career resource from Adobe that helps creative people to make their ideas happen. This website is mostly focused on boosting creative thinking. It’s a comprehensive repository where you can find a host of interviews, articles, and posts of various designers and talented people. Overall, the platform provides a myriad of insights that will surely help you stay motivated. Plus, you can also find many stories about the careers of successful creatives, tips, and guides that will undoubtedly help you complete your project faster. 

The Creativity Post

Among all available art inspiration websites, the Creativity Post is one of the best platforms, which is mostly focused on innovative thinking, arts, and business. Beware that sometimes, looking for inspiration within your respective field can be useless and discouraging. The best solution is to opt for useful posts and articles outside of your field, and this is where the Creativity Post might be a superb solution. Here, you can find out more about the success stories of prominent people. Probably, this will spark a creative thought that will surely make the life of your project more interesting.


No matter how creative you are, you should keep everything under control. Evernote is the best tool that enables you to keep track of your webpages, notes, photos, and to-do lists.  It’s a user-friendly cross-platform application that can be used as a note-taking tool, your daily journal, recipe-keeper, project management system, etc. Plus, you can also sync it across other devices, making your notes available from everywhere. 

What’s more, you can also share your ideas with other members of your team in a few clicks. Due to a broad selection of features and many uses, Evernote can appeal to many people. Moreover, some users can’t imagine their life without this tool. So if you have never tested Evernote before, it is time to do this!

My Modern Met


Eager to find creativity? This platform is what you really need! It was founded in 2008 to create one big community focused on creativity. Their main goal is to promote creativity and highlight the best sides of humanity.

A myriad of creative ideas is waiting for you there! Art, design, photography, architecture, nature, history, environment – a plethora of useful articles and amazing photos that illustrate these articles are waiting for you on MyModernMet. If you have a short break at work, open this platform to catch inspiration. We guarantee you’ll find it!


It’s a popular and time-tested platform for sharing fantastic digital arts of different kinds. Behance is suitable for people with web design careers to demonstrate their works such as illustration, photography, fashion, graphic design, and much more. Professionals in web design share their world and experience on Behance, and you can enjoy their works and gain inspiration for your projects. Overall, it’s an extensive community for creative people engaged in web design. It’s a part of the Adobe family where people publish their works and create their private networks of like-minded users and future customers.

It’s Nice That

If you are engaged in graphic design and advertising, you will undoubtedly find a wide array of useful tips and recommendations on this website. What’s more, it’s one of the leading and most widely-used platforms for all the representatives of creative industries. A host of illustration, photography, product design, animation, fashion, web design, and other tips are available on this platform. So if you are searching for inspiration, can’t find new ideas for your project, go to this website. It’s a superb way to boost your creativity.

Creative Review

It is clear that working on creative projects is interesting and, at the same time, quite challenging. First, it was a print magazine; now, it’s an established brand and a well-known platform that delivers the sharpest opinion and a myriad of pieces of advice for creative industries. If your work is related to commercial creativity, Creative Review is a top platform for you. They share inspiration across absolutely different disciplines. Plus, they also unite creative people to make brilliant things happen!

Their online content is updated on an ongoing basis, so you’ll have access to the recent news in the area of commercial creativity.


When talking about art and design websites, this one is one of the best platforms that can surely boost your creativity. The platform was launched in 2010 by a talented writer, Christopher Jobson. Today, Colossal is a popular design and visual art blog, one of the biggest on the web. If your everyday work is related to visual expression or contemporary art, you’ll surely like Colossal. Their archive includes more than 6,000 useful blog posts created by talented contributors. The overriding purpose of this platform is to make art more interesting and accessible to everyone. The website was designed to serve as a comprehensive gallery of visual artwork. And it pursues only two goals – to educate and inspire. 

The modern world is overloaded with a variety of negative events that happen every day. But Colossal is focused on impactful and positive stories around various issues related to creativity. Their key objective is to amplify the voices of talented artists working on building an environmentally-friendly future.



This creative platform has more than 3 million readers monthly. They also have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The main goal of this website is to bring together experienced and talented creators from absolutely different backgrounds. Every day, a plethora of interesting and informative posts in the areas of architecture, technology, art, and design are published on Designboom. Today, it’s a comprehensive depository with more than 50,000 fantastic posts and interviews of talented architects and other creative people. They bring together designers from all over the globe. So if you are one of them, now is the time to join this community!


The platform was founded in 2005 by a group of talented and young designers. Its main goal today is to inspire young designers by sharing the works of other creative enthusiasts. They cover a wide array of topics, including illustration, photography, architecture, product design, multimedia, advertising, etc. If such images and posts of talented artists inspire you, try this platform. We bet you’ll never get bored there! 


It’s a popular platform for storytelling or story sharing. If your work is related to writing and you are currently searching for inspiration, read stories published on this platform. A myriad of fantastic stories are at your disposal. No matter where you are and what device or browser you are using – you can read them being anywhere in the world. The stories tackle many human experiences, so you will never get bored. Plus, you can also be a part of this community and share your stories. If you are a talented writer, don’t hesitate to become a member of this community. We bet you’ll surely find your audience there.

Creativity for Life

If you are looking for inspiration to complete your project, go to Creativity for Life – a well-known website full of various creative ideas. A myriad of creative articles, blog posts, and reviews is waiting for you there. If you always follow a creative approach at work, but right now, you lack inspiration, take a ten-minute break and look through the posts published on this website. You’ll undoubtedly find something special for your project.


When browsing through the best art websites, we couldn’t pass by this platform. It was founded by a filmmaker. So if your work is related to making movies, art, or music, you’ll surely find inspiration there. When you open this website, the first thing that strikes the eye is its black and white theme. You can also find a wide array of animation clips, and all of them are clickable. Overall, it’s a depository of high-quality videos, but this doesn’t make the page load slower. The website performs perfectly and allows you to catch some inspiration!

On the plus side, the founders of this community also host various events, create maps, mentor youth, and create many educational posts about movies. 

Wrapping Up

If you lack inspiration, remember that creativity usually comes in waves, and sometimes, you need to take a break and relax. In other words, you need an extra boost! Firstly, you have to understand what is stopping you from moving forward, what makes your creative process stressful. Take a break or a vacation, do things that inspire you and also browse the web and analyze the works of other creative people. Make some steps that will help you combat your creative block. When you finally understand what stops you from generating new creative ideas, choose your website (from the listed above) accordingly. 

We’ve just reviewed the best and most popular creative inspiration websites that allow designers, web designers, fashion experts, illustrators, photographers, and other representatives of commercial creativity to relax and get some new ideas for their projects. You only need to take a break and explore them! Sometimes, even the most talented people get stuck, and that’s not a problem. We hope this list of creative websites will surely boost your creativity.

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