The difficulty of coming up with new passwords

You have hundreds of them. In fact, you have so many you can’t even count them. However, every time you have to create a new password you resort to the usual ones. Why is it so difficult to come up with new passwords, and why is it important that you do?

Passwords are the keys to your online accounts. If the wrong people get access to them, they will gain access to all the data in your possession. Your life, basically. It is therefore necessary that you put some thought into the creation of your passwords. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house keys lying around for anyone to take, you shouldn’t hand over your passwords to hackers by making it too easy for them. Still, being one step ahead of the hackers is not an easy task.

Why you struggle to create new passwords

Why is it so difficult? Why do people give up and use common passwords like “1234”? Hackers are constantly working to gain access to your accounts through weak passwords. They are always coming up with new ways to achieve this goal. As a result, everyone is forced to change their passwords regularly, especially passwords they use in relation to work. 

Not only do you have to create new passwords to new accounts, you also have to create new passwords to the accounts you are currently using. This means that you are coming up with new passwords again and again. After a while, you give up on creativity and you end up using passwords that are easy to guess such as your name or your birthdate.

You may think that no one will be able to guess your password, but you are wrong. The most commonly used passwords are leaked on the dark web. If your password is one of them, you have practically invited hackers into your life. But what makes for a strong password?

What is a strong password?

A strong password is random, complicated, and impersonal. It should be at least 8 characters long, and it should include numbers as well as upper- and lowercase letters. A strong password is unique and has no relation to already leaked passwords. use a password generator to be safe. It is the most secure way of creating unique passwords. Not only can you make sure that you don’t reuse old passwords, the generator also makes sure that your new password is not compromised. The hackers won’t be able to find this password on the dark web. As a result, they will have difficulty hacking into your accounts.

If you struggle to come with your own unique passwords, using a password generator is a great solution. Although your new passwords can be difficult to remember, they will keep your online accounts safe. If you fear you will forget them, make your internet browser remember your passwords. This is a much safer solution than reusing old passwords. If you are interested in learning more about hacking, click here to read about coding and become better acquainted with the digital world.

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