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Angels on Tanks Review

Angels on Tanks Review. We recently published a story covering the Angels on Tanks release date so we were really excited when the guys over at Ninju Games sent over a copy of the game so we could review it.

I like strategy games, I also really like Tanks so a game that combines both of those elements has to be pretty good right. Let’s take a closer look at this strategic turn-based battle game.

Angels on Tanks Review
Angels on Tanks Review

Angels on Tanks Review

I really like the simple graphics, it’s smooth and well designed. The colors are vibrant and not too in your face. It’s nice to look at!

The game play is really good. You need to do some careful planning before attacking your enemy head on. If you just mindlessly go in all guns blazing whenever and however you feel like you’ll get slaughtered.

The battles get harder as you make progress in the game and I found some of the chanllenges fairly difficult. There’s a decent balance between difiiculty and fun though so it won’t leave you feel frustrated like some more difficult games can.

One thing that I wasn’t too keen on was the in game mechanics, where you have to move each soldier one by one. It does become a little too tedious, especially if you have quite a few soldiers on the battle field at once.

It can become quite frustrating to play after a while because the enemy can keep spawning new soldiers on certain map.

Angels on Tanks is a fairly decent game.
Angels on Tanks is a fairly decent game.

Any Complaints?

I’m really impressed by this game. It’s really stable and I didn’t come across too many bugs to right home about. However there’s a slightly annoying bug which soft locks your current mission if you resume after quitting your game.

You’ll be able to move your screen but that’s it. You have to quit the mission and and come back to it again. It’s not a deal breaker and doesn’t appear to happen every time. So don’t let that put you off.

Angels on Tanks is available to buy from Steam or the later on in the year via the Nintendo Switch Store.

Summary & Verdict

Score: 6/10

An unexpectedly pleasant turn-based strategy game. It’s got a lot of content and different game modes for such a low price.

I recommend Angels on Tanks if you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding game. The game play is somewhat repetitive but I can cope with that.

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