Gamesir F4 Falcon Review
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Gamesir F4 Falcon Review

Introducing our Gamesir F4 Falcon Review. I don’t normally play mobile games, my smartphone is mainly used for e-mail and music. My last foray into the world of mobile gaming was playing a licensed turn based zombie style game about a year ago.

If I want to play some handheld games it’s normally on the Switch.

So when we got offered a Gamesir F4 Falcon to review, I jumped at the chance. It game me the opportunity to download some mobile games and have a bit of a play.

The game of choice? It had to be Call of Duty Mobile.

GameSir are a popular gaming peripheral brand that offers a product range a little bit more unique than the usual options. Let’s take a closer look and get into our Gamesir F4 Falcon Review.

The game of choice for the Gamesir F4 Falcon.
The game of choice for the Gamesir F4 Falcon.

Gamesir F4 Falcon Review

The Gamesir F4 Falcon is a mobile gaming controller that will work on almost any touch screen smartphone (depending on screen size) you can think of. It works by using electrical impulses to simulate your finger pressing the screen, it’s a really neat product and something I’ve not seen or heard of before.

It’s beautifully packaged. The packaging is really good quality, it’s a solid and compact cardboard box. The Gamesir branding looks fantastic. There’s hardly any single use plastic and you get everything you need to get started inside the box.


1 x Gamesir F4 Falcon
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Instructions

Once charged via the included USB-C charging cable you’ll get around 40 hours of play time from it, that’s a really impressive battery life in all honesty.

It’s really easy to set up, just unfold the device and slip in your smart phone. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity to worry about here, it works as soon as you insert your phone.

You will need to customize the in game controls though. You can do that by dragging the appropriate command to where the electrical nodes touch the surface of your screen.

The open and close is entirely mechanical which makes it really strong and reliable. I tried to twist it but the plastic it’s made with is really solid which is great to see, I don’t think you’ll damage it in a hurry. Even with a high drop such as dropping it down the stairs, which I nearly did!

With little to go wrong with the device, I can imagine it’ll last until the battery stops charging. That should be years and years.

Gamesir F4 Falcon Review: What's in the box?
Gamesir F4 Falcon Review: What’s in the box?


I downloaded Call of Duty Mobile right away. Once I’d setup the controls I decided to play a few round without the Falcon to get a measure of how good (or bad) I was.

Once I slipped my phone into the Falcon I played a few more games. I could instantly feel my performance had improved, it’s really ergonomic and intuitively designed.

As a gamer that’s used control pads for most of my life I just knew where each button would be, that really helped get to grips with Call of Duty Mobile.

The buttons are placed perfectly on the shoulders which is essentially what the Falcon does. It adds shoulder buttons to your smartphone.

The Falcon F4 is has absolutely zero latency. The fully mechanical design I mentioned earlier helps with this, the button press sends an electrical signal to the touchscreen instantly simulating a finger press.

The Gamesir F4 Falcon Opened.
The Gamesir F4 Falcon Opened.

Gamesir F4 Falcon Features

The button press will activate the on screen controls just as fast as your fingers.

  • Shoulder Buttons
  • No Software Required
  • No Bluetooth Required
  • Works On All Devices
  • Turbo Buttons Add Burst Modes

Where Can I Buy It?

The Gamesir F4 Falcon is available from Amazon here for around $29.99 / £30.00.

Summary & Verdict

This is a great little device, I do think the price is a little steep for what it is though. That being said, the ease of use and intuitiveness makes it just about worthwhile for me.

Score: 7/10

For more information about Gamesir you can check out their official website here. They have some fantastic products so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs.


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We were sent the Gamesir F4 Falcon in exchange for an honest review.

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