Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review
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Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review

A brand new release, we’ve written a short and sweet Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review. Released in the UK on February 12th 2020, Project Starship is a fun 2D Bullet-Hell shooter.

Let’s take a look and see if this Indie developed game is any good.

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Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review – Retro Vibes

This image shows the Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review home screen.
Project Starship For Nintendo Switch has old school retro vibes, as seen here with the ‘Insert Coin’.

It’s surprisingly difficult! As I found out at my first attempt. And Project Starship definitely fits the 2D Bullet Hell shooter vibe.

There are two difficulty settings and perhaps I shouldn’t have set the difficulty too hard straight away. Maybe it’s that I’m just bad at these types of games. But either way, I had a blast playing it.

It’s great fun. And at only £4.49 from the Nintendo Store, it’s a bargain for a game that you can just pick up and put down whenever you like.

As you shoot at your enemies you’ll have to be quick to dodge their rapid rate of return fire. Defeat the enemy and another one takes it’s place immediately.

After you’ve destroyed them, keep an eye out for the loot they leave behind. Pick ups include a shield, a partner ship that helps you for a short while and my favourite of all ‘overdrive’, your rate of fire increases rapidly helping you keep the enemy ships at bay with a massive barrage of bullets you are now able to fire.

The graphic designers on this project have done a wonderful job of keeping it retro yet not sacrificing the visuals in a way that feels artificial. Character design is really good and Garrett’s hairstyle reminds me a little bit of an Anime character.

Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review
Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review – ‘Hard’ is surprisingly difficult.

The sounds are good as well, again throwing feels of those retro arcade game sounds teamed with some up to date modern dance / dubstep, the sounds match how fast paced the game is.

I played for around an hour so far with 5 – 10 minute spells. I didn’t come across any bugs as far as I could tell. That’s a great accomplishment by an Indie Developer.

Project Starship Nintendo Switch Review – Gameplay Video

I’ve included a few short clips below of the game play, captured this footage on my Switch. As you can see it’s really good fun and the levels are quite difficult, this was on ‘easy’ difficulty.

I mentioned the sounds, listen to them in the clip below. I’d love to know who produced the background tracks as they sound great.

Verdict and Summary

It’s really difficult for me to find anything wrong with this simple, yet well executed game.

I’ll keep the summary short and sweet. It’s a great little game, if you get bored of it quickly, just revisit it again at a later date. There’s no heavy plot to keep up with.

This fast paced 2D shooter is really well made, the enemies movements are erratic and the artwork is superb.

Score 7/10

I may revisit this review over the next few weeks and update the score. It’d be great to see the developers release regular updates and take on board the communities feedback, that may just push it up to an 8/10 or 9/10 game.

If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch here’s several reasons to buy one in 2020.

Project Starship Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Play as either Garret or Gwen and save the world!

You can find more about the game by taking a look at publisher, EastAsiaSoft’s website.


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  1. Great review guys! It seems it’s worth picking up a copy of Project Starship just for short intervals when bored at home! Seems quite hard from the video too.

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