Sandberg announce the launch of new USB-C Docking stations
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Sandberg Launch new USB-C Docking Stations

If like me you struggle with the thought of only have one port on your new super clean and slick laptop then you’ll need a docking station. A docking station makes it easier to add extra peripherals you’ll need to perform your daily tasks. It allows you to get the same number of ports as on a desktop computer.

On my desk in the office, I’ve got multiple screens, mouse, keyboard, network, headset and everything else all connected via a docking station.

My productivity is a lot better as when I open my laptop in the morning all I have to do is plug in one USB connect and, in an instant, I’m connected.

Sandberg Docking Stations Press Release

Previously, it was very important to have a docking station which corresponded to the exact laptop model. However, with USB-C it has become much simpler, because the same docking station can be used with many sorts of different laptop brands and models – provided they have a USB-C port.

Sandberg has recently launched three new types in different sizes. The two smallest ones are so compact that they are well-suited to keep in your laptop bag, while the bigger one can function as a laptop stand and thereby provide inclination for the laptop for better typing position if this is desired.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S, explains: 

“We actually have several USB-C docks in our range already. With three additional models, we are able to provide consumers with far more flexible options. That is the benefit of the plug now being standardised. When the same docking station can be used with hundreds of laptop models, we are able to provide each customer with the ability to choose a docking station which specifically suits their requirements and price range, instead of them being limited to the model of their laptop. All our USB-C docking stations offer excellent performance and product quality compared to the prices.”


You can view the latest Sandberg products here

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