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How To Learn Unforgivable Curses In Hogwarts Legacy

The unforgivable curses, in the books at least are quite frankly grotesque. It turns out that in the Hogwarts Legacy game they aren’t as unforgivable as the Harry Potter universe has portrayed. You can throw them around with impunity once you’ve got them at your disposal.

Here’s how the Hogwarts Legacy unforgivable curses work, how you can learn them. I’ll also detail how you can reject them.

  1. Learn Crucio during ‘In the Shadow of the Study’
  2. Learn Imperio during the ‘In the Shadow of Time’
  3. Learn Avada Kedavra during the quest ‘In the Shadow of the Relic.

Carefully choose your responses in the dialogue, always say to Sebastian that “everyone must know them” and “Curses should be taught in school”.

You learn the curses through Sebastian Sallow’s relationship side quests. They become available during the subplot that’s titled ‘In the shadow of’. These quests follow Sebastian’s journey to find a cure for a curse that’s taken a hold of his sister.

If you do decide to go out of your way to learn the powerful, unforgiveable curses, you’ll find that most of the other duels and combat sequences are far easier. Which makes sense, considering you can defeat an enemy with one spell!

In the game you can learn the unforgiveable curses and use them at will. Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra, are the three incredibly powerful curses you’ll learn in Hogwarts Legacy. And, below I’ll detail how to do just that.

How To Learn The Unforgivable Curses

You learn loads of spells at a high rate of knots, professors are almost throwing them at you at some points in the game. The first spell you learn, during the prologue is the basic cast followed by a simple revealing charm, Revelio.

Some of the more serious spells cause explosions and flamethrowers! But, even these destructive spells pale in comparison to the three unforgivable curses.

How To Learn Crucio

Here's how to learn the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy
Here’s how to learn the three unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Crucio is a particularly cruel curse. It’ll curse whoever you target with this spell. It increases damage dealt to them while active, meaning you can hit them with your basic cast spell over and over whilst it’s active.

You can learn Crucio during “In The Shadow of the Study”. The search takes you, Sebastian and Ominis Gaunt to a secret tunnel below Hogwarts. This tunnel leads you towards Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Enter the scriptorium and learn the first curse, Crucio.

How To Learn Imperio

Imperio is another unforgiveable curse but it’s the least severe at of the three. It allows an enemy to become a temporary ally and do your bidding.

Continue with the ‘In The Shadow of Time’ quest to learn this one. You’ll be offered the chance to learn Imperio by Sebastian. He does this as a last ditch attempt to clear out a catacomb that’s over-run with deranged monsters.

You can say no and still complete the quest as designed, it’s just a lot harder to do should you reject the curse.

How to Learn Avada Kedavra

The instant kill spell is the worst of the worst. It’s incredibly powerful and there is no known defence or counter curse. Use with caution as it does what it says on the tine, it’ll instantly kill the target.

In the last of the questline ‘In the Shadow of the Relic’, you’ll once again be offered the chance to learn this spell. I’m not sure why he offers to teach you this one to be honest. It does make the game more interesting, I guess.

When you consider this one is the Killing Curse, and easily the most powerful spell in the game, think carefully about if you want to learn it or not.

What Makes These Curses So Unforgivable

The reason these curses are so unforgivable is because they are “curses”. Other spells are simply tools that can be used on objects to achieve a goal. For example; Wingardium Levioso will lift an object and allow you to move it.

These three unforgiveable curses are designed to completely control, unbearably torture or kill someone (with no chance of defence) in other words their only possible use is for unadulterated evil.

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