Here's how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy
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How to Make Money in Hogwarts Legacy

A wizard must have a healthy supply of galleons if he is to triumph. Having steadily available money is important in most open-world RPGs. You need money to buy armor, weapons, cosmetics, and more. Being part of Hogwarts Legacy’s in-game economy is very important in your journey as a wizard. You need all the gold you can get your hands on.

Here’s how to farm gold and make money in Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Sell your gear.
  2. Loot chests.
  3. Loot eye chests.
  4. Sell Beasts.
  5. Open a store.
  6. Loot Enemies

In fact, I’d say you need a lot more money than any fifth-year student would realistically require!

However, in between purchasing new gear, potion ingredients, and recipes, you’ll notice that you burn through your galleons fairly fast. Soon, the random bits of coins you find as you explore the map won’t be enough. If you’re looking for all the ways you can make a boatload of money in Hogwarts Legacy, well read on!

You’ve probably got images of the scene in the Philosophers Stone where Harry and Hagrid open Harry’s vault to see piles and piles of gold galleons. Follow these steps and you’ll too have your very own huge mountain of gold.

Sell your unwanted gear

Here's how to make money in hogwarts.
Here’s how to make money in hogwarts.

This is one of the easiest hassle-free ways to make a quick buck. Use Floo Flames to fast travel to Hogsmeade or any other vendor locations and sell all your outdated Gear. Hogwarts Legacy does not have a storage system, so holding onto old gear is virtually worthless.

It’s probably one of the easiest ways to earn gold in Hogwarts.

Loot every chest you see

This is a no-brainer, but when you explore the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy, you’re sure to come across a lot of chests. These contain pieces of gear and coins. Keep in mind that not every chest will be visible in plain sight. Revelio is your best friend here, always use the revealing charm whenever you’re in a new location to find hidden chests.

Loot eye chests

Eye chests give you the largest number of coins at 500 galleons per chest! These peculiar-looking chests can be quite confusing to open at first, read my guide on how to open eye chests to get some insight into opening them and where to find them.

Find and sell beasts

Find and sell beasts to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.
Find and sell beasts to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

This is easily the most lucrative method to make money in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to snag any beasts you come across and sell them at the Brood & Peck in Hogsmeade. You’ll earn 120 Galleons for each beast that you sell.

The rarity or difficulty of the captured beast doesn’t affect the price. The best way to earn cash then is to catch the simplest Puffskeins. It’s the ultimate get rich quick scheme. You’ll also get 30 XP for your efforts.

But, before you can sell the beasts, you’ll have to catch them first! By completing the “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest inside Deek the Elf’s quest line you’ll acquire the ability to catch them. Complete further quests to gain the ability to breed them, you’ll get an almost endless supply of beasts to sell.

Completing the quest to earn the ability to sell beasts is a nice way to quickly earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll get more gold and most importantly, they’ll go to a good home, I hope!

Open A Shop

As you plough more and more hours into the main story line, fairly late on you’ll end up stumbling into a quest called Minding Your Own Business. This quest allows you to set up your own shop.

To start the quest, you’ll need to stumble upon Penny whilst in Hogsmeade. Penny is a house-elf who approaches you with a curious offer.

Her master, Cassandra Mason, has an empty shop that she’s looking to sell on to a new owner.

Now, you’ve heard the saying, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate. And, this is exactly what you need to do here. If you want to open your very own shop it’ll cost you 1,500 Galleons.

But before you can open up the shop to customers, you’ve got to complete a bunch of puzzles that involve a mischievous poltergeist. It’s one of the games more interesting and inventive games, no spoilers please!

To make items for sale, speak to Penny. By selling items at your own shop, you’ll get a bit more than you would selling directly to a merchant. For example, if an item usually sells for 60 Galleons, you’ll be able to get 66 for it in your own store.

Ask For Money From Quests

Asking for more money is an easy way to make money in Hogwarts.
Asking for more money is an easy way to make money in Hogwarts.

Every time you complete a quest in Hogwarts Legacy keep an eye out for an option to ask fellow students for extra money. In my view it’s a big like begging but it’s not real life, so go ahead and take the money!

Fortunately, the developers of the game haven’t included a morality system so you won’t be punished for asking and then taking the money.

If you don’t choose the option to ask for money, you can’t go back and collect any that you’ve not taken.

Other Ways To Earn Gold In Hogwarts

There are other ways you earn galleons throughout Hogwarts Legacy, such as through side quests, looting enemies, and even opening up your own store late in the game. But the aforementioned four methods are guaranteed to make you rich fairly easily

Looting enemies is fairly easy. Clear out enemy camps that you find throughout the open world. These camps are filled with extra sacks of gold and they’re also a reliable source of extra gear for you to sell.

You can make quick work of the enemy camps if you’ve learnt the 3 unforgivable curses.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Get Gold – FAQ

Can You Farm Money easily in Hogwarts Legacy?

One of the easiest ways to farm money in Hogwarts Legacy is to sell any of your duplicate or excess gear to vendors. Rinse and repeat.

What’s the fastest way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy?

The best way, currently is to loot eye chests, you’ll get 500 galleons for each one you loot. You can also go on the hunt for sacks of money.

How many Galleons are there to a pound?

According to J.K Rowling, there’s £5 to one Galleon, though the exchange rate does vary.

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