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Edifier MP100 Plus Review: An Amazing addition to your outdoor kit

I have a bunch of cheap, portable Bluetooth speakers. They’re particularly useful for taking out into the garden during the summer. They’re also really good for taking camping.

The cheap un-branded ones I own all have one flaw though, they aren’t really designed with ruggedness or actual camping in mind. That’s where Edifier MP100 Plus comes in though, it’s a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed specifically for outdoor use and all that comes with it, IE: wet weather.

Edifier MP100 Plus Review

I was really looking forward to checking the MP100 Plus out, It’s a great excuse to donate the other ones and use something a bit better and a bit more rugged than the ones I currently have.

I’ll start my Edifier MP100 Plus review with my first impressions, build quality and then we’ll look, or listen, at the sound quality.

First Impressions

When I first removed it from the padded envelope, I was surprised at how clean and how minimalist it looks. The turquoise blue of the speaker grille, the green Edifier logo and mottled carrying handle are a fantastic pairing.

Edifier have created some awesome looking packaging, but the plastic used in this one is really quite excessive. I feel that the huge plastic window is not really needed anymore. I’d imagine that most tech purchases are online these days and we can see the product in photos.

I guess they want the product to stand out when it’s on a shelf of competitors. But, in reality it’s not needed, for reasons outlined above.

If we overlook the plastic use for just a sec, the packaging is actually really well designed, it looks great.

When I first took it out of the box, I was really pleased by how compact and lightweight it is. I’d expected it to be a bit more bulky considering it’s rugged design.

I’d have imagined that they’d have used some real tough and robust materials in it’s construction AND that would cause it to be heavier, but it’s not. It’s a comfortable weight and that makes it incredibly portable.

Overall in terms of my first impressions, I’m really, really pleased with it. How’s the build quality?

Build Quality

The build quality of the Edifier MP100 Plus is excellent. It’s a tale of two halves.

The top half is a mesh, textile covered speaker grill and the bottom is a rubberized, dull gloss finish.

Often with fabric finishes, you can end up with snagged stitches or a poor finish. But, the MP100 Plus is really well finished and very flat, I rubbed it passed a twig outside, but it didn’t snag, which is good.

The rubberized finish at the bottom feels tough, which protects the speaker from scratches and impacts.

That finish not only looks great but also gives a good grip, making it easy to hold onto, even when your hands are wet. Both halves are integrated seamlessly and look great.

The plastic grills on the front and back of the speaker are extremely strong. I tried to press them to see if it offered any inward flex. I was unable to, so this proves that the plastic used in the construction is strong and well made. Which’ll help protect the drivers and also add to the overall durability of the device.

The buttons at the edge of the speaker are easy to press, but don’t offer any tactile feedback or audible click, which is slightly disappointing. They are easy to press because they’re quite large and recessed, making them easy to press when wearing gloves aswell.

The speaker also comes with an IPX7 rating. Which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

The waterproof rating is highly useful for camping for obvious reasons. You won’t need to worry about the speaker getting damaged if it gets wet.

Another thing, it’ll also make it easy to clean if it gets dirty while you’re camping. You can give it a quick rinse in the nearest puddle without damaging it! I’m joking of course, but you get the idea.

The build quality of the Edifier MP100 Plus is one of its strongest features and overall I’m thoroughly impressed. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a speaker since I reviewed the Edifier MP230.

Overall, the build quality of the Edifier MP100 Plus is excellent. The combination of the half shell rubberized finish, well-designed function buttons and it’s durable, rugged construction make this one hell of a speaker.

Sound Quality

Despite its small size, the Edifier MP100 Plus produces surprisingly good sound. The speaker has a 43mm full-range driver, which helps to produce clear, balanced sound. The bass is not very deep, but it is adequate for a speaker of this size.

The midrange and treble are clear and detailed and the overall sound is well-balanced. The speaker can get quite loud, and there is no distortion even at higher volumes.

It’s far, far better than those unbranded ones I mentioned further up the review. And, in my opinion it definitley punches above it’s weight. It’s perfect to take with you on a hike or camping trip, where weight is a consideration.

Great For Taking & Making Calls

This is a great feature that allows you to use the speaker for hands-free phone calls, which can be particularly useful if you are using the speaker outdoors or in a noisy environment.

The microphone on the MP100 Plus is located on the top of the speaker, near the buttons. It is a small but powerful microphone that picks up your voice clearly and accurately.

The microphone also has what Edifier describe as a ‘smart noise cancellation algorithm’.

Now, in technical speak I understand what that means. It’s supposed to filter out background noise, it does a fairly decent job. But, I think the end users aren’t going to tell the difference to be honest.

The microphone is easy to use though, it’s got one touch call answering. So, when a call comes in, simply press the play/pause button on the top of the speaker to answer the call.

The music or audio that was playing through your phone should automatically pause, and you can then have a conversation using the speaker.

When the call is finished, simply press the play/pause button again to hang up, and the music or audio will resume playing.

Overall, the built-in microphone on the Edifier MP100 Plus is a great feature that adds to the speaker’s versatility and usefulness. I can’t help but feel I’d probably not use it to make many calls, but it’s useful if you’re playing music in camp and you receive a call to your mobile / cell phone.

Rugged Features

In addition to the rubberized finish and stiff plastic grills, the speaker has a built-in strap that makes it easy to carry around.

The strap isn’t adjustable, but you can pair it with a caribiner to attach the speaker to a backpack, bike, or any inside your tarp / tent.

The speaker is also shockproof, which means it can withstand drops and impacts. Finally, Edifier say that it’s dustproof too, which’ll help if your using it on the beach, dessert or other dusty environments.

How Much Does It Cost

The Edifier MP100 Plus is a reasonably priced portable Bluetooth speaker. It is available on Amazon for around £50 / $50, which is an excellent price for a speaker of this quality, in my opinion.

While there are cheaper options available, the MP100 Plus stands out for its rugged features, water resistance, and overall sound quality. Hit the button below to check the latest price on Amazon.

Summary & Verdict

It’s got the typical Edifier quality to it, which makes this speaker a must have for outdoor enthusiasts.

Overall, the Edifier MP100 Plus is an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. It is reasonably priced, durable, and produces good sound quality.

It was very nearly a 10/10. I;ve knocked off a point for the single use plastic. Edifier have delivered on every single aspect, it’s a speaker designed with a purpose and they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Score: 10/10

While it may not have the deepest bass, it more than makes up for it with its rugged features and portability. I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a durable, portable Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use.

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