Block Lords

Blocklords: From Working the Land to Ruling the Nation

Strategy games have amassed a sizable following over the years. As the online gaming community continues to grow, so does this sector of the industry. While gamers have an array of options to choose from, none quite hold a candle, or sword as the case may be, to Blocklords. This game’s rapid ascent to fame is proof of its inherent attributes.

What Is Blocklords?

In short, Blocklords is a strategy game set in a medieval world. Developed by gamers for gamers, it allows players total control over their characters, known in the in-game world as Heroes, as well as their destinies. Furthermore, it gives players governance over the destinies of their in-game descendants. Blocklords is designed to endure over the long term with new features continually being added.

Getting Your Story Started

Players start off in the Blocklords world as farmers. Of course, farming doesn’t necessarily have to mean planting and harvesting crops, though that’s certainly an option. Newcomers can choose to raise livestock, mine valuable minerals, or carry out other essential tasks. Along the way, they manage and process their resources and use them in various ways to foster their upcoming goals.

Forging Ahead

In time, farmers can build up enough resources to move up in the game. At that point, they can choose to become either knights or raiders. Knights keep the peace and protect others whereas raiders live the rogue life. Raiders strengthen their stances through attacking, destroying, and stealing. Knights heighten their positions by defending against raiders and other hazards.

Rising through the Ranks

Those who make thoughtful decisions and use strategic gameplay can eventually become lords and ladies. These rulers reign over regions. They’re tasked with collecting taxes and gleaning resources from other players. They also foster the development of cities, see to the safety of their citizens, and handle other leadership responsibilities.

At the same time, lords and ladies must continue to build up their strategy skills. They’re charged with setting up defenses for their cities, keeping knights on hand to offer protection, and managing the resources they collect from citizens. Being a successful lord or lady entails significant thought and planning. Building alliances with other lords and ladies could be the ultimate key to success.

Reaching the Top

Truly successful lords and ladies can move up even farther in Blocklords to become kings and queens. As kings and queens like you can see at newsbtc here, players rule nations while catering to the welfare of their subjects. They can likewise negotiate trade agreements, create national policies, and handle diplomatic matters, among other undertakings. Kings and queens control armies and can decide to go to war with other nations as well.

Choosing Your Path

Though all players start Blocklords as farmers who provide resources for others in the game, they can choose to move up in the world if they see fit. As they make their way through the ranks, they’ll have more opportunities and responsibilities. Blocklords Heroes can enter into partnerships with other players through trade alliances or marriages.

Players also have the option to build their own dynasties, keeping true to not only the general convention of heroes but the continuity of the game. They can give their heirs specific traits and characteristics and allocate them as they wish. Heroes’ decisions help to shape their in-game worlds while determining their destinies.

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