5 top strategy games to try in 2023

There’s something about a good strategy game that makes you revisit it time and again. They’re games that put your brain to use, making you think of new ways to play and different tactics to employ.

It’s no wonder these gaming favourites have such high “replayability value”. As we begin a new year, we look forward to some of the best strategy games to play in 2023, from classic board games to PC puzzlers.

#1 Civilization

Perhaps one of the PC’s best strategy games of all time, Civilization is now going into its sixth iteration and continues to deliver.

You can create your own, well, civilisation and expand your world how you want it to be. Take control of resources, declare war on other cultures and essentially conquer until you reign supreme.

Civilization 6 ramped things up a gear, especially with the release of its expansion, Gathering Storm, adding a new element to the game. As well as the usual gameplay, this time round, you have more control over how you impact the world and more variety of how you can achieve your goals.

Add to that the New Frontier season pass, and this game constantly offers new ways to challenge players.

#2 Chess

What strategy do you use when you play a game of chess? Do you always want to play black to see how your opponent moves first? Or maybe you’re a master of strategy and nailed the Queen’s Gambit or the King’s Indian Defence.

There are so many possibilities when playing chess, and it always comes down to the competition. This makes it a fun, exhilarating game that will always offer a new perspective each time you play. So even if you are a chess whizz, who knows what 2023 could bring? You might find new competition in the flesh or new online games and algorithms to beat!

#3 Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection

“It’s Seth. Just Seth.” For anyone who remembers the iconic line in the original Command & Conquer, you’re in luck, as you can play the original military strategy game all over again.

And if you’ve never played it before, it’ll be something new to enjoy. Take control of an army, build up your local resources and troops and complete all the missions.

You can play as both teams, enjoy lots of corny cutscenes and when you’re done, try out the Red Alert version of the game, set in an alternative world where Hitler was killed before rising to power.

Unique stories add a compelling element to these strategy games, so if you’re after something fun to enjoy in 2023, this will do the job.

#4 Poker

One of the most famous games around, poker is great for anyone who loves a strategy (and a card) game.

The popular card game is perceived by many as a mind game because to be successful; you must learn poker strategy.

And it’s true because learning the right strategy will give you everything you need to excel at the game.

A poker amateur can learn enough strategy to take them far in a tournament. The good news is that plenty of resources are available to learn how to play poker and better understand the strategy.

You don’t have to waltz into a casino and try it first-hand. You can practise online and get to grips with the game, learn the strategies and then play for real. What will 2023 bring for you and your poker face?

#5 Catan

We’ve gone back to board games for the last one on the list. Catan, or known as The Settlers of Catan, requires deep thinking when you play.

The game aims to take on the role of a settler, develop holdings and trade resources. You grow your settlement whilst also trying to restrict your opponents’ settlers and force them out of the game. If you ever have a board game night and want to play more than one game, it’s advisable that you don’t begin with this. It’s definitely an all-nighter!

So, there you have it. That’s our top five strategy games to try in 2023. It’s a good mixture of video games online or physical board games. Each offers its own challenges and will get the cogs working as you think of new ways to win.

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