Seven Knights Nintendo Switch Release Date

Seven Knights Nintendo Switch Release Date

Seven Knights Nintendo Switch Release Date announcement will be revealed soon. Yep, that’s right. The Real-Time Turn-Based RPG is Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch.

Developed by South-Korean game developer, Netmarble. The announcement was first revealed on 31st March 2020. This will be Netmarbles’ first venture into console gaming.

The single-player RPG Seven Knights: is set to join a whole host of other RPG ports on the Nintendo Switch.

It’ll be bringing a brand new original story that focuses on the eighth member of the Seven Knights. (So shouldn’t the game be called Eight Knights?), The Eighth Knight is equipped with a magical sentient hourglass.

You’ll need to follow her story and uncover the secrets to complete the game.

Seven Knights is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.
Seven Knights is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.

You can read the full press release below:

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – is a visually stunning, real-time and turn-based RPG based on Seven Knights Mobile, that features all-new control and battle systems, and game content optimized for the console platform. In addition, as a single-player RPG, it also introduces its original story different from the mobile version. This game will be released worldwide as a digital package through the Nintendo eShop in each region. Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – does not include any gacha system as players acquire in-game characters as they progress through the story.
“Since Seven Knights’ 2014 Korean launch, it’s been quite humbling and exciting to see the game grow in global popularity. We could not be more thrilled that Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – will be Netmarble’s first Nintendo game,” said Young Jae Park, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “The team can’t wait to share what makes Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – so special to a new audience, so we will work closely with Nintendo to ensure our first console game is exciting for Nintendo Switch gamers to play with.”
Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – focuses on the story of the eighth member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa, who is equipped with the ultimate magical equipment, a sentient hourglass known as Sandy. After falling into the twists of space and time, she embarks on a journey to return safely home, where original characters from Seven Knights’ mobile version will join them as a party member in this real-time, turn-based, combat-oriented adventure.

More detailed information, images and trailer of the game can be found at the teaser websiteFacebook and Twitter.”

Seven Knights Nintendo Switch Release Date – Teaser Trailer

Seven Knights Teaser Trailer for the Switch

“A girl who was chosen has fallen into a twisted timeline,” the teaser trailer warns. “I will fix everything,” declares Vanessa, the eighth member of the Seven Knights, “and find my way back home.”

We’re really excited to understand how the game will feel on the Nintendo Switch! The Seven Knights Switch Release date can’t come soon enough!

Seven Knights Nintendo Switch Release Date – Further Details

The mobile version of the game was released all the way back in 2014. It’s widely available in over 150 countries. It’s had millions upon millions of downloads since it first appeared on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

While no official release date has been announced just yet, they did tease that it was coming soon. How soon, only time will tell.

We’ll update the article as soon as we have an official word on the date.

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