Working With Brands

As a code, tech and gaming blog we often get requests from brands requesting to work with us on their latest marketing campaigns and product launches.

Working with brands in our niche is a great way to get our hands on and review the latest products. It’s also a fantastic way to way to build relationships, grow our audience, and ultimately share useful content with our readers.

What’s it like to work with brands as a blogger

For the most part it’s absolutely brilliant. As with everything though, there are some annoying things that happen every now and then.

It’s really important to understand what you’re likely to come across as you explore your options of working with brands.

So let’s take a look at a few things you’ll come across, as you start on your journey of forming partnerships with companies and PR agencies.

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Annoying Emails

Annoying emails are a constant battle!

First up on the list is probably the most annoying. Emails that don’t make sense! I probably receive 5 emails every month that say something like:

‘plz accpt guest post on your blog, name your price’

I immediately delete and ignore any follow up emails. It’s just not worth your time.

I do understand that not every brand will have a representative that can speak fluent English, but short hand, text speak is not going to win you any friends and help build strong partnerships.

Buy Our Product And We’ll Refund You

Second is something I just ignore. Some brands will reach out to me and ask if we’d like to write a review of their product. I love checking out new technology and reviewing it. But, as I start asking questions about the product in question, it starts to become clear that they want me to buy the product first.

I don’t make demands that they should provide me with the product for free, I work with a PR company on many tech reviews and some items I return once I’ve reviewed them.

My only expectation is that I don’t want to be out of pocket.

So, my advice for brands wanting to do that. Often it’s smaller brands who’d like you to buy the product from Amazon or Ebay. The more sales they get the higher up the search rankings they get.

I’m more than happy to help you do this. If you’d like me to buy the product myself, send me a gift card or cover the expense upfront.

Working For Free

One of my pet hates is being asked to to post a ‘guest post’ for free! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do accept guest posts on codewithmike and I don’t charge for it.

But, what I don’t like is when a marketing agency will pretend to be an individual blogger, when it’s clearly a sponsored post that the marketing agency have been paid quite a substantial sum to write and get it on an authoritative blog.

So, my advice is to ask if they are an individual running the blog or they are a marketing agency. That way you can be clear who you’re working with, this will help avoid any suprises or unexepcted outcomes.

Late Payment

Late payments can affect people whose main source of income is blogging.

One final pet hate for the article. And that’s late payment. Some bloggers will be running their blogs as their main income. If a brand doesn’t make a payment right away, it really does have an impact and can take food off of the table!

Make sure you set out strict written terms for payment. I often ask brands to pay within 7 days of the published article. And, if they don’t pay, make sure you take legal advice to ensure you are paid the agreed fee for your time.

To take the pain away from chasing payments you can use a blogger outreach service.

Blogger outreach takes the hassle away from chasing payments. The idea is a brand is matched with a blogger. The outreach service provider handles authorising the payment once the article is live.

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