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Best Apps Every Student Should Use (Part 2)

It’s a great time to be a student! Why? Well, modern technology has made studying much more engaging, fun, and easier than in the old days. Indeed, today’s students are fortunate enough to count on their devices to help them day or night. Young people know that there is nothing they can’t do as long as they have their smartphones near. Indeed, the current app market takes good care of their needs. Do you want an app to help you organize your day? You can have it! Do you need help studying languages? No problem! No luck with writing papers? There is an app for that too!

Students are fortunate to have so much help online. However, sometimes, the hardest part of it all is to find the right app. With such a wild variety of offers, finding ‘the one’ can be tricky. You don’t want to spam your devices with numerous apps. Instead, you need just a few efficient apps to stay productive. Here are the chosen bunch of best apps every student should use. Have a look and install what you’re missing.


Do you often feel at a loss with all the notes on numerous platforms or notebooks? Sure, students’ lives are all about writing down notes, reminders, to-do lists, and drafts of their future works. However, such vast paperwork can be confusing. Looking for things you need takes too much time. Organizing all your notes without a proper app can be a true challenge. 

Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Evernote is here to help you. This organizing app is one of the best on the market right now. It can help you set order in all your lecture notes or essay preparations. You can divide everything by notebooks, tags, and labels. You may even invite friends to edit your notes or work on projects together. In addition, Evernote has numerous templates for any occasion. Thus, you can organize a to-do list, make a schedule, or track your budget. It’s all possible in a single app!


There is hardly a student who doesn’t know Grammarly. At least those students haven’t written any apps yet. It’s impossible to write a good, well-edited paper without the help of Grammarly. Thus, this software is a proofreading and editing tool. Students use it to check their papers for any errors, grammar mistakes, or even plagiarism. Thus, it’s a perfect app for essay writing. 

You can’t analyze your text well after staring at it for hours and days. Your eyes get tired, and you stop noticing all the details and nuances of the work. Thus, you can be a good editor and know the writing craft well, yet miss errors in the text. That’s why using an editing tool is absolutely crucial for having clean paper. Of course, sometimes you just need to know how to choose the best paper writing services online. Not all students are great writers. That’s okay. That’s why professional writing services exist. 

Grammarly is a perfect choice here. It helps you notice even the smallest mistakes and shows ways to correct them. Also, you can use the basic version for free or pay only $12 per month to use the full version. The latter gives you a thorough analysis of your essay, including the clarity and flow of your text. 


Most students struggle with self-discipline and concentration. Indeed, one of the young people’s favorite hobbies is probably procrastination. Scrolling through social media or looking at offers at can be of use sometimes. Yet, it shouldn’t be happening instead of studying. Such a habit won’t lead you anywhere, will it? Sure, students need help finding inner peace and focus when they do homework. That’s where Freedom comes into play. 

Freedom is not just a blocking app. It’s a philosophy. The program motivates and inspires you. It tells you about life without distractions. That’s a life where you can make many great things as long as you are not distracted by the digital world. Thus, it handles all the distractions for you. So, it gives you more time to study and focus on what’s really important. Frankly, having such an app on your devices will help you save lots of time. You’ll block everything that doesn’t serve you right during studying. Thus, you’ll get to stay productive and efficient throughout your homework session. 


StudyBlue is a well-known students’ app. It helps young people find study materials or organize whatever notes or documents they already have in each class. Here, you can create flashcards to revise your lectures before exams. You may also discuss topics and issues with other users, including educators from all over the world. It’s not just an app. It’s a small community of academics and students working together towards a single goal: Education. 

Thus, by installing StudyBlue, you get to create your own digital study board. Store their essential study materials, track how well you study and your progress, and set goals before the exams start. This app will help you stay alert and prepared before each deadline. 

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