4 Of The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick
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The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick

Here’s the very best video apps your your Amazon Firestick. It seems like the Amazon Fire TV Stick was only launched a couple of years ago. But, in fact it was first released all the way back in 2014. How time flies! The first generation Fire Stick came with HDMI video, support for Dolby 7.1, 8GB of internal storage and a pretty fast 10/100 internet connection.

We’re currently, as of October 2018 on the 4K version of the Firestick and it’s pretty incredible straight out of the box! With native 4K support and an impressive on board 1.7GHz quad core processor it became extremely popular, practically overnight! And for good reason. 

The 4k Amazon Fire TV Stick’s popularity came from being able to turn any ordinary non-smart 4k TV into a smart device with lots and lots of functionality. FireStick OS developers rushed to produce apps for the new smart TV platform.

But, therein lies the problem. There are so many apps to choose from, practically hundreds. It leaves you in a bit of a pickle, with no way of knowing what the best apps are, you’re often left to fend for yourself in the minefield that is the Amazon App Store. To help you navigate the vast list of apps I’ve handpicked some of the best video apps to install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list.

The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick

We’re going straight in with a strong contender for my favourite app available on the firestick. It’s a video streaming App with a twist. It allows you to stream your own media. It’s Plex.

Plex – One Of The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick

Plex is a media streaming system. It allows you to stream your own media and a vast array of content for free. Don’t worry though, unlike a lot of other content labelled as ‘Free’, Plex has all of the relevant licenses in place to enable this content. You won’t need to worry that you’ll get into trouble for streaming pirated movies and TV as it’s completely free and above board.

How do they let you watch movies and TV shows for free? I hear you ask! Well the answer is actually quite simple. They created partnerships with some of the major film and TV companies to enable this vast library of free content. In fact, at the time of writing this article there were over 20,000 movies and TV shows for you to consume.

I can safely say that Plex is one of the best media management systems I have ever used and, it’s even better with the 4K version of the Fire Stick. If you can, ensure you install it on the latest generation as you’ll benefit from improved performance and smoother playback.

If you want to stream your own media you can. You’ll need to install Plex onto an old computer or laptop. The old device will essentially be used as a media server. You can then stream your media from this server to your other smart devices such as your iPhone, Firestick and Xbox.

For more information here’s a great article that tells you everything you need to know about the Plex media streaming platform.

YouTube kids is a great video app for your Firestick

YouTube Kids

I was going to go with YouTube but everyone knows about that! Some of you may not know that there is a dedicated YouTube App specifically for kids. It’ll save you a headache as the content has been specifically curated and filtered to ensure it’s safe for a younger audience.

Download this and install it on your Fire TV Stick for peace of mind that the included and simple to use parental control features keep your kids safe from seeing anything you don’t want them to watch.

The App was first released all the way back in February 2015 as a smartphone App. But, due to the popularity of it it has since been released for most Smart TV’s and the Fire TV Stick. This makes it one of the best video apps to download onto your TV stick.

The App is simple enough to use, so your child can be pretty much left to pick their own videos. The content is separated into four distinct categories. These categories are:

  • Recommended
  • Shows
  • Music
  • Learning

Each of the categories are jam packed with interesting videos and shows for your kids to watch. They’re carefully selected to ensure they’re appropriate for your kids. The learning category is a particular favourite in our house, as there is stuff on there that doesn’t feel as if it’s an educational show, so it keeps them entertained as well as giving their brains a workout.

Hit the link here to find out more information about YouTube Kids.

Disney Plus

With up to 12 months free trial available (you do have to sign up to various offers and deals), Disney Plus is a fantastic video app for your Fire Stick. After a long awaited delay, Disney Plus finally arrived in the UK on the 24th March 2020.

If you don’t manage to bag yourself a full years free trial, 3 month trials are available for O2 customers at the time of writing. Just head on over to either the Disney or O2 official websites for more information.

Disney Plus has a huge library of classic content that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s estimated that there are over 500 films and over 7000 television episodes! It’ll keep you occupied, for a while at least.

You can have up to 7 profiles on one Disney Plus account, so in my opinion, it’s great value for money. When you consider there is a vast array of exclusive content that you can stream, it’s a no brainer. Not all of the films and TV can be streamed in 4k though, but a large amount of it can. Which means good news for those of us with 4k Fire Sticks!

At just £5.99 per month it’s a worthwhile investment!

Pluto TV

If you don’t fancy the expense of Disney Plus then Pluto TV is the app for you. Pluto TV has a large library of free ad-supported content.

Pluto TV is slightly different to other film and TV Apps in the way that it categorises it’s media. It splits them into channels and sort of simulates the old Cable TV services. 

It currently has over 250 channels of content and according to figures online this equates to over 100,000 hours of things to watch. It’s quite popular too, at the last count it was up to 25 million users each month.

The TV shows and films are likely to be the older straight to DVD type of stuff, but it has a lot of good content. Pluto TV has a huge library to pick from due to having distribution deals in place with a lot of huge names in the entertainment business. This should mean that the library of ad-supported content will only continue to grow.

Head on over to the Pluto TV website to find out more.

The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick

So you can make the most of the The Best Video Apps For Your Amazon Firestick you’ll need to own one! If you want to buy the latest generation of Amazon Firestick, click the affiliate link to head on over to Amazon.

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