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Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Most students have a ton of applications installed on their smartphones. They use them to communicate with others, entertain themselves, make new connections, and even find job opportunities. However, mobile applications can also help do homework and cope with other tasks related to their student life. Feel free to scroll down below and discover the best applications that every undergraduate should use to ease their lives. 


A lot of undergraduates experience issues with doing homework on exact sciences. Therefore, when they need to resolve complicated math problems, many students use the Internet to find an answer to the question, “Where to pay someone to do my homework?” They reach truthful companies that provide academic help and delegate their tasks. Skilled experts help them resolve complicated tasks and compose academic papers of outstanding quality. 

However, with the help of this application, they can easily tackle complicated homework on calculus in a few taps. The application has a convenient chatbot that can help find a solution to any math problem. Students can easily specify a problem in a chat and resolve it simultaneously. 

Also, the application foresees the ability to snap a handwritten problem. The app’s algorithms will analyze it and deliver a correct solution fast. It is worth noting that the application does not only bring correct numbers. It can also build graphs and present top step-by-step guides on reaching a particular solution. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an application that has rich functionality. It is a free application that offers the ability to create a detailed timetable to manage all the activities. With the help of this mobile app, students can note all their classes, over-curriculum lessons, and other activities. Since the app sends notifications, undergraduates don’t miss crucial activities on their agendas.

Also, Google Calendar provides a lot of great features for efficient collaboration. Students can import calendars created by other students. Therefore, they can easily import a college schedule created by their educational institution. Scheduled events created by a different application can get imported into a calendar simultaneously. Consequently, the application makes schedule management fast and effortless.

Students can also check other people’s schedules and book meetings using the app. In case their invitation gets accepted or rejected, they receive notifications. 

Office Lens

Learners constantly need to consume and save a lot of information. The most convenient way to save and share information is to keep it digital. Office Lens is one of the most successful applications that helps scan any document in a few taps. The app has smart algorithms that set it aside from a simple camera app.

With the help of this one, a student can scan documents of any size, business cards, whiteboards, and many more. It adjusts the size and perspective of captured snaps to make them look like scanned documents. Also, it can convert handwritten text into digital text, so users can easily copy and edit scanned notes using their computers. The application foresees the ability to copy images and tables from captured notes and save new files in different formats or share them with others. 


These days, many undergraduates struggle to compose their college papers on time because of poor productivity. They get distracted frequently, so learners can hardly focus on doing homework to dedicate all their time to composing papers of outstanding quality. Striving not to reduce their GPAs, they order essay online. With skilled writers’ help, students can get their last-minute academic papers completed upon the scheduled deadlines. The best paper writing platform can deliver A-grade papers even if there are only 6 hours left to the due date. 

The application helps students start utilizing the Pomodoro technique. It is a well-polished strategy that forces undergraduates to spend their time effectively. Using the application, they can increase efficiency significantly to tackle burdening tasks faster. It helps set timers for study and rest sessions. The proper arrangement of focus and rest can help work hard at a high pace for a long time. 


It’s vital to store all the files and share them hassle-free for modern-day students. Dropbox has a free plan so that learners can store their files in the cloud at no charge. It is a popular application that helps get rid of stress related to storing and sharing files online. The Dropbox app foresees the ability to automatically upload new photos and documents into a cloud so students can access their files from any device. For example, they can scan documents and get them uploaded to the cloud simultaneously. Then, they will be able to access the files using a shared computer in college to edit saved documents. 

By storing all the documents in a cloud, undergraduates keep themselves safe from unexpected issues that can negatively affect their learning performance. For example, in case of an electricity outage or a hard disk failure, students can lose all their progress in composing academic papers. However, when academic papers are saved in a cloud, they can easily be accessed on different devices. Also, with the help of the application, learners can generate downloadable links and share them with their mates, so other people will be able to download particular files easily.

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