Edifier S1000DB Review
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Edifier S1000DB Review

Here’s our Edifier S1000DB Review. We’ve reviewed countless Edifier speakers recently and we’re back with more. In this article we’ll be checking out the Edifier S1000DB’s.

So, let’s get into it the review to find out if these are any good or not!

Edifier S1000DB Review

The S1000DB are pretty hefty! They don’t look like you’re typical book shelf speakers, they’re huge! And, really rather heavy, so make sure you bend your knees when you pick up the box.

On the face you have the front facing drivers which are positioned perfectly, giving you optimum sound performance. This really helps you set up the ‘sound stage’

They give you a decent 120 watts in each speaker, producing a total power output of 240 watts. They’re stylish design allows them to look at home in almost any environment. I tested these out in a conservatory and a kitchen and they didn’t look out of place in either of the rooms.

The S1000DB look and feel a lot more premium than other bookshelf speakers Edifier produce. A good comparison would be the Edifier R110BT, we recently reviewed the Edifier R1010BT on the blog so make sure you check that article out to see the difference for your self.

I really wouldn’t use these as bookshelf speakers in the traditional sense. Bookshelf speakers are perfect for gaming set-ups, PC or console use.

These are a lot more powerful than that and are more suited (in my opinion) to be used for enjoying high-quality and high-volume music or as dedicated TV speakers for your cinema setup.

Edifier S1000DB Review
Edifier S1000DB Review

Edifier S1000DB ReviewFirst Impressions

These were packaged efficiently and without an overuse of plastic! They were shipped directly in the outer edifier box which is strong and sturdy. The whole unboxing experience was fairly basic and the boring cardboard box didn’t give any clue that something amazing was lurking inside.

When I first opened the box and removed the packaging the striking wood effect is what hit me first, these things look beautiful!

You get everything you need to get set up quickly and the included instruction booklet is well written. The English in particular is easy to understand.

Sometimes I’ll read an instruction booklet that has been written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker and it’s not very well written but, this one has been done well.

How is the build quality?

These look fantastic!

Build Quality

The build quality is incredible. It really is, these are so unbelievably solid that I actually bruised my knuckle knocking the side of them!

Edifier have paid particular attention to the finers details. The result is spectacular. They have ensured the finished product is almost perfect. The speakers fit together well, with no mismatched edges or scuffed finish to the plastic or wood textures.

I said above that these things are heavy! They really are, even the passive speaker has a bit of weight to it. It’s really obvious that Edifier didn’t use cheap materials in the construction. I just haven’t plucked up the courage to dismantle one to find out what the internals look like. Maybe in the future I will!

Design Touches

I also really like the grills that protect the driver, the partially exposed tweeter gives a bit of modern style paired with the more classic wood design of the speaker body. But, be careful not to bash them, the metal grill covering the tweeter is fairly weak, it’s more for style than substance.

The remote control is actually really good. It’s 100% better than the gloss black one that came with the Edifier R2000DB. It’s made out of a strong plastic and feels quite sturdy. There is a bit of flex to it, but that’s to be expected from a plastic remote control.

The button press has a nice tactile feedback and allows you to ‘feel’ when you’ve pressed the right button, perfect for when you’ve got the volume up.

One thing Edifier tend to excel at is accesories. The S1000DB’s are no different, they come with a selection of fantastic quality cables:

Optical cable
3.5MM Aux to RCA
Active To Passive Cable

The Bluetooth should (in theory) be relatively easy to setup; click the remote button to set it to Bluetooth mode and then, on your mobile device search for ‘Edifier S1000DB’. Tap the name and you’ll be connected in no time.

I did have trouble connecting a couple of times, which annoyed me more than it should have done. I did resort to using the Aux cable to my iPhone to test these because of it.

According to Edifier’s website, the Edifier S1000DB speakers do offer support for aptX. This makes sure you get a stable Bluetooth signal for up to and potentially beyond 10 meters away.

Enough inputs to ensure you can use these on almost any input device.
Enough inputs to ensure you can use these on almost any input device.

Sound Quality

Once I’d finally managed to connect to the Bluetooth I re-did the sound test, I played a mixture of Hip-Hop, Pop and Low-Fi music, the S1000’s excelled at all three genres.

One of my go to test tracks is Releaser by Kid Cudi.

Available on Amazon for £519.88, these are firmly out of the budget range, but you get what you pay for right? These are up there with some of the best speakers I have ever tested.

The tweeters that produce the highs sound completely natural. I did find the high end a little flat, but with a quick adjustment of the tuning knob I soon had them singing to my tastes.

The mids ensure the vocals sound amazing and highly detailed, it’s just the vocals didn’t sound as good as they should, perhaps the adjustment I made to the high end affected the mid range frequencies.

It’s all about that BASS! This isn’t a 2.1 system, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it is at first listen. The 5.5 inch aluminium drivers create an absurd amount of bass, I had to turn it down when I played Bubblin’ by Anderson Paak. It really did have my windows shaking!

Overall they sound great. These speakers would be perfect for an outdoor setting, (in the dry weather of course), such as a family BBQ due to the sound being able to carry and project itself.

Summary and Verdict

I really like these, I tried not to! Every time I’m sent something to review I really try my hardest to find stuff I don’t like. I’m quite picky. Some of Edifier’s cheaper audio gear can suffer from build quality issues. The more expensive audio equipment seems to nail every single area of testing.

The S1000DB’s are almost flawless, the only thing I feel letting these down was Bluetooth Connectivity, I struggled to connect my iPhone on more than one occasion. It seemed to take a while, but did eventually connect.

Perhaps background Bluetooth signals or something else was afoot, it wasn’t enough to put me off giving them a perfect 10/10 though.

I wholeheartedly recommend them. You can find them on Amazon here. Perhaps, with time and audio burn in, these will get even better?

Score: 10/10

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