Edifier R2000DB Review: Fantastic multimedia speakers!
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Edifier R2000DB Review

We were asked if we’d like the chance to write an Edifier R2000DB Review. With the offer accepted we waited for the courier to arrive with the speakers.

The Edifier R2000DB Multimedia speakers are a delight and the sound quality is fantastic but they aren’t as good as I thought they’d be. Read on below to read my full thoughts.

R2000DB Review: A closeup shot of the awesome sub-woofer driver.
R2000DB Review: A closeup shot of the awesome sub-woofer driver.

Edifier R2000DB Review

I’m hoping my previous comments about the R2000DB’s not being as good as I’d have hoped have drawn you in.

My opinion on this stems from the fact that they are in fact better than I could have expected! I was truly blown away by how good these are.

I did have high hopes as Edifier make amazing tech. I’ve reviewed Edifier speakers and Edifier Gaming Headsets recently but I never imagined the R2000DB would be in a different league altogether!

So just how good are they?

Features & Design

Starting from the very beginning then. Let’s look at the packaging. Basic and unassuming. A fair bit of plastic packaging but with the wood grain finish I can understand why the need for it. Perhaps in the future they can use the paper style protective covers?

When the courier pulled up outside I was looking forward to getting my hands on them. But, the box is fairly boring! It certainly didn’t get me excited so find out what’s inside.

My guess is that Edifier made the packaging unassuming on purpose, they wanted to let the audio quality do all of the talking. (Although since writing this review I have seen other images of much nicer, glossier packaging)

The speakers come with a great range of cables including RCA to RCA, RCA to 3.5 mm and an optical cable.

The 3m 5-pin DIN cable allows you to join the 2 speakers together and is a decent length at 3 meters. It’s not quite as long as the R1850DB cable though. Not sure why there is a 2 meter difference to be honest. Perhaps something to do with signal strength and max length of the cable? That’s a topic of discussion for another time though.

The connectors at the ends of the cable are really high quality, I gave them a good twist and hit them against my kitchen work surface a few times without causing any damage. The speaker inputs are all gold plated too, which does wonders for the sound quality, which we’ll get onto.

It’s nice to see such a wide range of cables included in the box, it allows you to set up the speakers just how you’d like. You don’t have to conform to any one standard cable.

A remote control is included with the speakers but it’s a bit of a let down. It’s the only thing about the whole package that almost gets it marked down a touch.

The saving grace for me was that I didn’t really use it. I controlled the speakers mainly by setting a baseline volume, bass and treble on the rear of the speakers and then connecting my phone via bluetooth. I found this worked well.

Edifier R2000DB Review: The remote is cheap and feels weak. It scratches easily too.
Edifier R2000DB Review: The remote is cheap and feels weak. It scratches easily too.

With controls for mute, standby, volume and input selection the remote feels cheap but is actually rather functional. I’ve since learnt that Edifier will provide the Infrared codes on request so you could always buy a universal remote or configure something like a Logitech Harmony home hub.

If you wanted to control the volume, bass and treble manually, the rear-facing controls are slightly awkward to reach once you’ve placed your speakers and set the sound stage but to counterbalance the awkwardness of the positioning they are really good quality. Seriously, I can’t think of anything wrong with the controls at all.

The build quality is very solid, each unit has a premium feel to it and the textured wood paneled MDF looks brilliant. They are a lot larger than their predecessors so will take up a lot of desk real-estate. I’ve got them in the kitchen and you do notice they use up quite a lot of counter space.

If you do go onto use them as bookshelf speakers. You’ll need a shelf with a decent depth.

Now for the best bit, how is the sound quality?

Edifier R2000DB Review Sound Quality

The R2000DB’s have a 5” 36W driver and a 24W 25mm which produced 120w of output power.

The sound-staging is good due to the speakers being angled directly to your ears. They are elevated by around 10 degress. That extra elevation really does make a difference.

They are very nice sounding speakers with plenty of max volume (without distortion at the higher end) and bass that can be altered from super tight all the way up to vibrating the walls style bass. Adjust it to your heart’s content.

The bass sounds extremely ‘full’. That’s the only way I can describe it. Really punchy and you can really feel the air move through the rear bass port. Speaking of the rear bass port. Make sure you place them somewhere where the air can bounce around the back of it. If you place them in front of a hard surface (like a wall) you’ll get much more from your bass.

Play something with heavy bass or thumping 808’s for a real show of force.

The midrange frequencies are fine. Full of detail and not too heavy which make them pleasing on the ear.

The high range is fantastic. I love high-hat sounds and sounds that really test the highs. I listen to chilled out ‘lo-fi’ beats whilst writing code and articles, it allows me to concentrate. The fidelity high hat and snare sounds are a real test of a good quality speaker and the Edifier R2000DB’s sound absolutely spectacular.

This is the sort of music I’m talking about…


Connectivity is also something the R2000DB excels at. You can connect through optical, RCA input and Bluetooth. You can also have more than one device plugged in at a time. They are extremely versatile.

The only thing to be wary about is just how easily you can pair with devices, there is no prompting for a security code! This may be a potential problem for people living in apartment buildings, flats or close proximity to your neighbours.

Edifier R2000DB Specifications:

For the audiophiles and geeks that read this kinda stuff, here is the specification of the R2000DB’s.

Power Output: RMS 24W x 2 + 36 W x 2
Noise Ratio: ≥85dBA
Frequency Response: 55Hz-20KHz(3db)
Inputs: RCA x2, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial
Full Range Unit: 5″ alloy,4Ω
Tweeter: Φ25mm Ru-Fe-B silk dome,6Ω
Dimensions: 9.5in x 11.25in x 7.5in
Active or Passive: Active
Remote Controlled: yes

Summary and Verdict

I really enjoyed writing the Edifier R2000DB Review.

The R2000DB is a massive leap forward when comparing to the R1850DB’s, which are no slouch! The R2000DB are punching way above their price range. Edifier have made them sound impeccable whilst also retaining that brilliant build quality. The sheer power, the quality feel and rich list of features set these speakers way head of the competition.

Again, these were another loan unit and have been returned. However, I’m seriously considering buying a pair for myself. I got used to them being in the kitchen, the bluetooth connectivity made it so easy to put some tunes on whilst preparing dinner! I took them for granted.

The R2000DB are definitely a speaker to look out for if you’re in the market for some awesome multimedia speakers.

A well deserved score and I can’t even begin to imagine what Edifier will come up with next. Whatever they come up with, we’re eagerly awaiting the chance to review it.

Score: 10/10

The Edifier R2000DB Multimedia Speakers are available to buy now from Amazon for £239.99 / $294.00.

About Edifier

Taken from Edifier’s About us Page:

“Edifier specialises in premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design elegance. We deliver outstanding sound experience through a wide range of sound systems for personal entertainment and professional excellence.”

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We were loaned the Edifier R2000DB in exchange for an honest review. The speakers have since been returned to the PR Company.

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