Biggest Twitch Donations

Biggest Twitch Donations

Here’s a list of the Biggest Twitch Donations. We thought it’d be fun to research the biggest donations on the streaming platform. If you spend any amount of time supporting your favourite streamer you’ve probably subscribed to their channel, either via Twitch Prime or by paying for it out of your hard earned cash.

Some fans like to support via other means, such as donating cold hard cash to their most watched streamers.

You’ll more often than not see streamers get given donations of between $1 and $5. If people are feeling really generous they may even donate the odd $10. But the larger donations come few and far between. And when they happen they go viral big time!

Biggest Twitch Donations: Syndicate has donated huge sums of money to charity.
Biggest Twitch Donations: Syndicate has donated huge sums of money to charity.

Biggest Twitch Donations

I used to think donating money to strangers on Twitch was insane! Now I totally understand it. After spending a considerable amount of time watching some streamers I get it. When you make a Twitch Donation you are essentially supporting an entertainer that you like and supporting them to keep doing their thing.

Donating to his or her channel is a great way of enabling them to better their streams or, more importantly to make a living off of doing something they love. How many people genuinely love their work! I bet full time streamers do that’s for sure!

So, let’s get into this list of the Biggest Ever Twitch Donations.

5. SpaceLyon ($30,000)

One of the biggest Twitch Donations!

First up is a pretty hefty sum of $30,000. It’s a worthy contender and very deserving of the number 5 spot on the list. So who donated this huge amount of money? None other than Mr. Beast of course!

Mr. Beast is known for donating huge sums of money to random strangers, leaving huge tips at restaurants and donating large sums to Twitch streamers. You may just see Mr. Beast on this list more than once.

4. Ninja ($50,000)

During a mammoth charity live stream event Ninja received a monstrous donation of $50,000! And who donated that incredible sum? You guessed it! Mr Beast.

Ninja is one of the most popular Twitch live streamers! Well, he was. He has since moved over to mixer. But this moment will go down in history and it’ll be remembered for a long time to come.

During the rest of the live stream he raised over $158,000 for charity. This is what the internet should be used for. Having fun and doing great things with your platform. Mr Beast and Ninja did just that. Well done guys.

3. CourageJD ($70,000)

Next up. A joint donation between Mr. Beast and Miniminter. Everyone seems to forget that it’s not just Mr. Beast that makes random Twitch donations. Miniminter does too.

The donation happened on August 3rd 2019. The two YouTubers contacted CouRage while he was streaming to explain their offer- win your next Fortnite match and you’ll be given a huge reward.

Mr. Beast and Miniminter contacted loads of other streamers before getting in touch with CouRage. Each of the streamers were told that they would be given a massive reward if they went onto win their next Fortnite Solos match.

As each streamer failed to win, the amount of cash up for grabs grew. Until it was up to $70,000! Courage went onto win his match and take home the huge prize.

2. ExoticChaotic ($75,000)

Exotic Chaotic must have felt like he had hit the jackpot after being given a donation of $75,000. That’s a hell of a lot of money.

As we mentioned above. The big money donations are few and far between. So this makes the $75,000 donation a bit of a rarity. The donator in this instance was in fact another Streamer who goes by the name KingMascot. KingMascot wanted to help his friend out in a time of financial difficulty.

1. Dr Lupos ($1,000,000)

Now, if you thought the $75,000 dollar donation was a lot. Check this one out. The biggest Twitch donation of all time! A whopping $1,000,000! Yes, you did read that correctly, you do not need to put your glasses on.

The biggest donation of all actually came from Twitch themselves. They donated $1 million to Dr Lupos charity stream, making up half of his original $2 million target.

It’s absolutely brilliant to see Twitch make such a substantial donation to a big charity stream.

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