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Why JavaScript Is The Chosen Language Of The Future

If you are thinking of learning programming, then you may want to learn JavaScript. Your instincts would be right here. JavaScript is one of the most universal programming languages today, if not the most universal. 

As a result of its universality, JavaScript is an ideal language to learn for career opportunities, as one of its multiple key benefits. Learn more about why JavaScript is still the chosen language of the future for programmers and would-be programmers today.

JavaScript is Everywhere

A key benefit of the programming language called JavaScript is that it is everywhere in the digital world. You will find it in every web browser everywhere, smartphone applications, web-based applications, and on Electron desktop and Hybrid. It uses engines that translate it into readable language that every user can understand today. One of those engines is the V8 engine produced by Google for Chrome in 2008.

Essentially, JavaScript is among the most popular languages used in programming, if not the most popular still today. One survey by Stack considered it to be the most popular language used for nine years straight. Additionally, it is used by other programming languages, including Java, TypeScript, and Python, as a foundation to build their own coding on.

It is considered the most mature language a programmer could enable today. It’s a matter of opening up any browser on any device, something almost every human does daily, and you enable JavaScript. Not learning this language, or even more about it, as an introductory programmer would be an opportunity wasted.

Easy Environment to Use

JavaScript is so popular everywhere because it offers an environment that you can find anywhere. It is very easy to find on Chrome for example, by simply entering the commands CTRL+Shift+i when you just open up the Chrome browser. Many developers can use code editors for other setups on both ends of the spectrum of programming language.

JavaScript allows you to work on both the front and back end of your development project. It is the kind of language that promotes cohesive communication between multiple teams involved in the programming process as well. At the same time, it is an ideal language to use for the individual programmer, regardless of what environment they are coding in.

Consequently, projects started and finished with JavaScript will attain greater consistency overall within teams and between programmers and their clients and employers. The coding environment provides for this universality, with programmers having a solid advantage when using JavaScript.

JavaScript is Versatile

JavaScript is one of if not the most versatile programming languages out there. All programming languages are developed to be versatile. That’s why they are a language. But JavaScript offers a unique versatility that not many other languages can offer.

The development of web applications is among the most popular uses of JavaScript, but that is only one component of Java Script uses. JavaScript is also very popular with Node, also known as Node.Js an environment fired up by Chrome’s V8 engine. The advantages of Node.js are that it is an open-source project that uses cloud computing and hosting solutions to fuel some of the biggest applications in the world, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

JavaScript is also very popular on the blockchain, the Ethereum network, and Mocha/Chai for testing purposes. With this level of versatility and more, JavaScript programmers can use their skills in almost any programming position and perform almost any coding activity.

Upward Career Mobility With JavaScript

Any programmer will tell you that Java Script offers a level of upward career mobility that many other programming languages do not offer. This is considered a top skill, with tens of thousands of programming jobs on the job boards today asking for it. If you examine all of the programming jobs on the market, you will see that more than 50 percent of all hiring managers are asking specifically for JavaScript.

The reasons for that are clear. All of the above benefits are folded into the marketability of the skill of knowing JavaScript so that you can use it in your career. You don’t have to stop at learning JavaScript if you are interested in coding as a career. You can start with JavaScript and experience the joys of upward mobility for yourself.

Some studies do have data that indicates you don’t even need a large amount of education in JavaScript to get started. One report showed that one in three hiring leaders hired someone with JavaScript programming skills learned from standard bootcamps. That’s just the start of your career. The average tenured JavaScript programmer today earns six figures easily after putting in what they need to in order to achieve a solid knowledge base in their chosen career.

Start Your JavaScript Career Today

When you are thinking of learning a programming language, JavaScript is the first natural language to consider. The benefits are numerous. It is a versatile language used in almost every digital application in the world, and its career opportunities are significant. It is the chosen language of today, the chosen language of the future, and a great place to start any programming career. 

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