Best Language Learning App for Kids of All Ages

Kids need to learn at least more than 1 language and about the best language learning apps for kids. 

To survive in the sphere of life in this progressing world, knowing only one’s mother language is not enough.

 Kids are the future of all countries, mainly the world, so if they do not know several languages then it will be very difficult for them to survive or to progress.

 In this article we will talk about the best language learning apps for kids of all ages. 

Here, Amazing Talker is a platform where you can learn English, Spanish or any languages with skilled tutors. 

With AmazingTalker your kids can connect with one-on-one native English Tutors that can help improve their English. Not only that, but you can also find a variety of tutors like Spanish Tutors and more at AmazingTalker!

Some of the Best Language Learning App for Kids of All Ages


Duolingo is an American educational technology company that produces language learning apps and certifications. 

They provide a skill tree of lessons that drill you on phrases and sentences using flashcards, listening exercises, and multiple choice questions.

There is no test or language that can decide if you are fluent or not, so it is the wrong criteria. For kids, Duolingo is among the best free apps that teach a new and unique language. 

    2. Memrise:

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase learning. 

They offer user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects. If you set up an account on Memrise, then it will not cost anything. 

For kids aged 12 and up, Memrise is one of the best language learning apps. If your kid is above 12, then you can try this app because it will be very helpful for you.  

    3. Gus on the Go:

Kids whose ages are 3 to 7 are perfect for this app, and they can get help from this app while learning language. 

They teach Spanish, French, Mandarin, Greek, Arabic, and so on. This app now works with native speakers of vulnerable and endangered languages to help preserve language diversity. 

This app costs $3.99 each, but there are some separate free versions. You can explore a new language with the original gus on the go app, with 10 interactive lessons, reviews of vocabulary and so on. 

   4. LittlePim:

This is the leading language teaching method, which is designed just for kids. Their videos are like 5-minute short videos that hold their focus so that they teach languages to kids. 

Littlepim keeps 2, 3, and 5 year olds entertained and focused for the whole duration while they are learning. 

From their videos, kids repeat the word and then understand its meaning. That is why Little Pim is called one of the best language learning apps for kids. 

    5. Rosetta Stone, Kids:

With the help of Rosetta Stone Kids, you can learn language on any device like a phone, pc, laptop, ipod or tablets. 

Kids aged 6–7 years old are perfect for this app. This app recommends that a child be at least at a beginning reading and writing level before starting the program because those activities are included in the program. 

    6. Learning by Mindsnacks:

With 9 addictive games which are designed for essential vocabulary and conversation skills, now you can learn and speak Spanish. It is a top-tier venture startup in San Francisco. Here you will learn with the best methods verified by English teaching experts. This is mainly for kids but learners of every age category will love to learn here.

 It is mainly a free download app, but for the upgrade version you will need to pay $4.99.

    7. The Endless Spanish App:

 The endless Spanish apps have some adorable monsters that help kids learn more fluently. This app was created with the intent of being a child. Endless Spanish apps will teach your child the basics, which will help him grow. So, start from today.


You all know about the best language learning apps for kids of all ages. You can take help from these apps or else.

Amazing Talker is an amazing platform where you can learn 60+ languages from experienced, skilled, and well-trained tutors. 

They are always ready to help you with their skills. You can get your preferred range of courses here and, for any reason, if you do not like your tutor, then you can switch to another one with no extra money. 

Their different ways of teaching make their features stand out. Give an amazing talker a chance, and you will quickly notice your progress and how fluent you have become in any language after learning with Amazing Talker.

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