The best gambling video games on Steam

The Steam games market is crowded with so many great titles to choose from. You could spend a lifetime and still some of them will be left from playing. Fans of online casinos may wonder what they have with this platform primarily famous for action and simulation, but there is a huge space where slots, video poker, and other games you saw in gambling venues are waiting to be discovered. Even more interesting, there are premium titles for all devices that have a dedicated gambling area, so let’s take you through the most attractive and engaging games.

GTA Online

Although more than 7 years old, GTA 5 is still incredibly “alive” when it comes to the player population, thanks to the GTA Online add-on that comes free with this title. Rockstar Games regularly maintains a multiplayer component by adding various content in the form of cars, robberies, and the like, and it will now become available to a wider audience.

In addition to GTA Online, GTA 5 has a great story about the adventures of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, and in the single-player world, you can have fun with numerous mods that can be downloaded and easily added to the game. Any words about a good casino there? Actually, there is a nice gambling zone in Grand Theft Auto.The Diamond Casino & Resort update brought a luxury casino and business resort placed just where the Vinewood Park Drive and Boulevard cross. The fictional city of Los Santos has a new crown jewel where gamblers can get a true multiplayer casino gaming experience. The venue comes with the Lucky Wheel, the bar, the Casino Store, and a variety of slot machines. After reading the Zodiac Casino NZ review, you will know more about real money casinos and be more prepared to play video games via Steam.

Poker Championship

Shaped as a Texas Hold’em Poker app, this is an authentic game where you can truly feel the poker table atmosphere at your fingertips. The title is secured with an independently tested Random Number Generator, so there is no need to worry about the fairness of all outcomes.

This is a free-to-play title produced by Gaming Laboratories International where players are entitled to premium features. For example, there is a Huge Multi-Table Tournament accommodating up to 500 people with daily free buy-ins. Also, you can enroll in the World Poker Tour and receive Tour Credits in different cities around the globe. It is possible to track the progress and keep videos for further analysis.

Online punters will be happy to see complimentary chips every 4 hours and the Lucky Box automatically opened upon their collection. Before starting playing games, you need to create your own avatar representing your character in events and missions. Finally, every table can hit a jackpot and you can continue from where you left off once your bankroll is connected from PC gaming to mobile playing or vice versa. This is why this real money gambling game appears on the top list of casino games on Steam.


Easy to learn and packed with features, SimCasino is a 3D casino tycoon simulation you can buy on Steam. Players will get an exciting combination of graphics, a themed soundtrack signed by Jerry Martin, extensive mods, and gameplay where they have total control over construction, inventory, and mechanics.

Of course, there are things preventing your lucrative business from going smoothly and not all customers are honest. You will encounter cheaters, criminals, and petty thieves trying to ruin your emerging empire from day one. The other side of the story are money-generating customers, so your croupiers will host VIP gamblers and greet them with comp points. This is so much different than World of Warcraft gambling, but even the latter will teach you new tricks on how to manage and maintain your precious keep.

Your creativity is the only limit in this video game, so your inner designer is the only one responsible for arranging floors, lights, walls, and even restroom stalls. When everything is set and ready, equip the casino area with slots, table games, and hire staff that shares your vision.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots

Promising nothing less than a rich social online multiplayer casino gaming experience, the Four Kings Casino & Slots game offers a blend of popular online casino games. Punters can try their luck in numerous gambling games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, poker, and more. To enable everything, a top technology is employed and properly implemented.

The social aspect of this game on Steam is secured through an MMO aspect where players can meet, interact, compete, and do things like proper players in real-life venues. Another important area is support for multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, and a variety of others.

Newbies start after creating a 3D avatar that can faithfully represent your personality or be an imagined person with designer clothes. Customization is ensured to all participants, while your progress won’t go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, if appearance means so much to you in this paradise, rewards come in the form of even more extravagant outfits.

Governor of Poker 3

Dubbed the most attractive multiplayer poker title on Steam, this is a social free-to-play simulation to explore with your friends, colleagues, and fellow punters from around the globe. Starting from a Lone Star saloon, you will travel through various destinations to play Sit & Go, Spin & Play, No-Limit and High-Limit Hold’em, Heads-Up Challenge, and more.

After downloading and registering, make sure to collect the welcome bonus package made of chips worth $30.000, a hat, and gold. Depending on your preferences, teaming with friends to complete challenges is just one of many possibilities.

Missions are spread all over the place just like comp chips coming every hour. To create a proper betting strategy, in-game chats are enabled in all phases, no matter if a PC or mobile device is engaged. Throughout the entire stay, you can do your best to distinguish yourself from everyone else with personalized rings, trophies, and badges. Tournaments and Blackjack 21 are also present, as well as a tutorial mode.


Steam is an inexhaustible mine of great online games that you can play on multiple devices. Starting from slots to other casino options, players of all experience levels can find what they are looking for. The most interesting things of all are recurring promotions, so it is possible to add a title to your collection without having to pay real money for it.

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