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The Best Charizard Cards To Collect (Affordable)

As a self declared Pokemon Card nerd, having a WOTC Base Set Charizard in my collection would be the ultimate ‘holy grail’. Let’s be honest though, it’s pretty much un-attainable due to the cost for the average person like me. Unless that is, you’ve got thousands of pounds or dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

I want to discuss some alternative Charizard cards that are not only worth collecting, but are affordable too. Here’s a list of the best affordable Charizard cards to collect.

  1. Charizard Base Set 25th Celebrations
  2. Lances Charizard
  3. Pokemon Go Radiant Charizard
  4. Special Delivery Charizard
  5. Leon & Charizard
  6. Charizard V Charizard UPC
  7. Vivid Voltage Pre-Release Promo Charizard
  8. Crystal Guardians Delta Species Charizard
  9. Charizard Plasma Storm Secret Rare
  10. Reshiram & Charizard GX
  11. Brilliant Stars Charizard V
  12. Dark Charizard Team Rocket

These are not only the cheapest Charizard cards you can buy. But, they’re also some of the best Charizard cards to invest it.

The Best Cheap Charizard Cards To Collect

Before we go into the list in a greater level of detail, I just want to clarify by what I mean affordable. It’s a subjective term but most of the cards on this list are attainable for the average person to save up for.

Some cards on the list costs as little as £7 / $8 and some can fetch upwards of £300 / $300. In my opinion I don’t think that is out of reach for most avid Pokemon Card collectors.

So, let’s get into it. First up it’s the Base Set Charizard from the 25th Anniversary Celebrations Set.

Charizard Base Set 25th Celebrations

The base set artwork is easily one of the best Charizard cards to collect.
The base set artwork is easily one of the best Charizard cards to collect.

This card was released in 2021 with the 25th Celebrations Set. And, as the name suggest it was to commemorate 25 years of all things Pokemon.

It’s probably one of my favourite Charizard cards. I think this in, in part, due to the fact that’s it’s the same artwork as the Base Set card and that’s it’s not an un-attainable Charizard card to add to your collection.

The brilliant artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita makes Charizard looks so menacing.

Aside from the amazing art, this card is fairly easy to find. It isn’t all that rare and the current market price isn’t too outrageous. You’ll be able to pick up an un-graded card for between £50 and £100 from either Amazon or Ebay.

Use the button below to check the latest price and pick one up.

Lances Charizard

Another card from 2021 and again from the 25th Celebrations set. It’s a black star promo card and was available exclusively in the themed metal tins or the Lances Charizard booster box. The artwork is great, I love the dark colours of it.

Depending on how you acquire the card, you may also get the over-sized version of it which is a card that’s also worth hanging onto.

Black star promo cards are becoming increasingly popular and I feel like this card is one that’ll become more and more sought after as time goes by.

It’s another Charizard card that’s still super accessible for most collectors. You can either buy it individually, buy a tin or buy the booster box.

Both the tins and the boxes are still available on Amazon, hit the button below to check the latest price.

Pokemon Go Radiant Charizard

Radiant Charizard is a great card to collect.
Radiant Charizard is a great card to collect.

The Pokemon Go expansion was released in 2022 and has quickly become one of the most popular to collect. The entire collection contains just 88 unique cards. The Pokémon Go release is quite a bit smaller than most standard expansions.

Yes, it’s a small expansion. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any gems. In fact, there are a number of Pokémon Go cards that are worth keeping an eye out for including the Radiant Charizard.

The photo I’ve used in the article doesn’t really do the card any justice. The holographic effect is sort of in an ‘X’ shape and it looks fantastic.

I really like the black Charizard artwork. Find one that’s well centered and in perfect condition and you’ll have a great card to hang onto, this Pokemon card will probably be worth a lot in the future.

It’s often available on Amazon as a stand alone card, hit the button below to see if it’s currently available and how much it’ll cost you.

Special Delivery Charizard

The Special Delivery card is definitley one of my favourite Charizard cards to collect. It’s one that I haven’t been able to get my hands on just yet. The reason for that is because it was given away via the Pokemon Centre as an exclusive black star promo card.

If you want to get one you’ll be able to get it from the grey market either via buying a code or by buying the actual card on Ebay. It’s not usually available from Amazon but you never know!

There have been quite a few special delivery type cards over the years, but this one has proven to be particularly popular with collectors.

You can expect to pay between £30 – £100 at current prices, but I expect that to rise significantly in the future as availability reduces.

Hit the button below if you want to check Ebay for this spectacular card.

Leon & Charizard

Leon or otherwise known as “The Unbeatable Champion”, he’s one of the most well loved Pokemon champions. I think his popularity is in part due to how heavily he’s featured in the Sword and Shield game.

This card is from the Lost Origin Trainer Gallery subset. I think that the artwork is quite frankly, adorable. I really like that they’ve managed to capture the relationship between Leon and his Charizard in the image.

It’s a useful card to have in your deck because of it’s Royal Blaze attack, it deals an extra 50 damage for each Leon you have in your discard pile.

It’s readily available on Amazon or Ebay for as low as £10 / $10. If you want to go ahead and pick this up go ahead and hit the button below to check the latest price.

Charizard V Charizard UPC

The Charizard V is one of the best Charizard cards to collect.
The UPC V is one of the best Charizard cards to collect.

This black star promo card from the Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection is stunning. The UPC comes with three different Charizard cards and whilst I think all of them are worth adding to your collection, the Charizard V card is my favourite of the three.

I really like the artwork because it’s unlike anything I’ve come across before. Charizard maybe resting, but he shouldn’t be messed with. He just looks so intimidating.

It’s another card that’s really useful to have in your playing deck because the Heat Blast attack does lots and lots of damage.

Another thing to mention is that, it might be worth buying the ultra premium collection in it’s entirety and not just buying the one single card. You’ll get better value for money buying the collection pack.

It’ll set you back around £120 / $120 but you’ll get two other black star promos and a bunch of booster packs.

It’s available on Amazon, just hit the button below and you’ll go right where to you need to be.

Vivid Voltage Pre-Release Promo Charizard

Yet another black star promo in the list of the best Charizard cards to collect. It’s becoming a bit of a theme in this article and for good reasons. There are some many great promo cards to add to your collection.

This is yet another card where the artwork is top notch. The way they’ve captured a swooping Charizard is brilliant, he looks super fierce and is ready to dish out some serious attack damage.

The card has quite low availability so will probably fetch a premium on Ebay and other grey market places.

It’s a pretty solid card in terms of being usable in your deck. It’s got a good ability and the Royal Blaze attack does an ok amount of damage.

Hit the button below to see if it’s available from Amazon or Ebay

Crystal Guardians Delta Species Charizard

The Crystal Guardians Charizard is epic!
The Crystal Guardians Charizard is epic!

This card is epic, I really like Delta Species cards. In my opinion I recon that cards from this set are among the best looking cards in the game.

Try and find a reverse holo. It’s the one with the Crystal Guardians stamp with the Gold lettering, that one is the most sought after.

This particular expansion was released all the way back in 2006, which is fairly old nowadays. This means that these cards are becoming more and more scarce.

Because these are becoming rarer, that means the price has steadily climbed over the years and the asking price is now consistently over £100 / $100.

Hit the button below to find the latest deals on Ebay.

Charizard Plasma Storm Secret Rare

This card is from the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Storm expansion. Just look at that epic artwork. A blue Charizard? It has got to be up there as one of the best Charizard’s ever released?

The photo doesn’t do it justice but the gold border is shiny as are the other golden elements. The price has dropped recently from a high of over £500 / $500 to now under £400 / $400, which makes it the perfect time to buy the card.

This particular card is a secret rare from way back in 2012. It’s over 10 years old now (at the time of writing) so make sure you scrutinise every detail before parting with your hard earned cash.

It’s only really available by 3rd party sellers like Ebay. Hit the button below to check out the Ebay search results.

Reshiram & Charizard GX

This is one of those once in a lifetime cards. We’ll probably not see anything remotely like this tag team promo card again. I’m surprised that the promo cards from this box are so cheap.

The full box is quite expensive but you’ll be able to pick up the individual card up for under £15 / $15, which is a steal. I guess there are quite a few of these available, hence the low price.

I think in a few years as some of the available cards are lost or damaged the price may increase, so it’s a good potential buy for long term holding.

It’s another card where the artwork pops. Just look at that full art gold background, it looks super stylish and is really quite striking.

It is available from Amazon, hit the button below to check the latest price.

Brilliant Stars Charizard Vstar

Another card from Brilliant Stars. This rainbow rare card is highly sought after. I love how Charizard is bursting out of the frame of the card.

It’s a really useful card to have at your disposal because of the VSTAR power attack, it deals a whopping 320 damage.

It’s also got a regular explosive fire attack that will do 130 damage plus another 100 if you have any damage counters in play.

This card sells at current market rates (Oct 2022) of around £100 / $100. Expect to pay a premium for a graded card.

They’re quite rare but do come up for sale on Ebay regularly. Hit the button below to check them out and maybe you can find a bargain?

Dark Charizard Team Rocket

I’ve pretty much saved the best until last. It’s one of, if not the best Charizard cards to collect in my opinion. Team Rocket cards are highly sought after and are such a cool subset to keep a hold of.

This artwork truly captures the dark nature of Team Rocket. The card isn’t as pricey as you’d expect it to be. Often listed on Ebay for as little as £10 / $10 for a poor quality one up to around £50 / $50 for a top quality example.

If you get a graded one expect to pay a lot more.

Check the button below and we’ll take you to the Ebay search results. You can see the latest market prices.

Will The Price Of My Charizard Go Up?

It’s not a question I can answer with a simple yes or no. This is all about the supply and demand principles. Thanks to YouTubers like Logan Paul, we now know that the demand for Pokemon Cards will pretty much always be there.

This means that to answer the question, you have to predominantly consider the supply.

Regular card sets will have a relatively steady stream of new cards in print. Hence the price will remain fairly low.

With other one off sets, you don’t get cards constantly being printed and entering into the market. The price of these sorts of cards will follow what’s called a “parabolic descent” pattern until a set finishes its print run or a new set is released.

If you time your purchase just right, you’ll buy it at the very bottom of this pricing descent. If you do that, you then have a decent chance of earning a good ROI.

Black star promo card prices largely remain stable for years at a time. The trick with these promo cards is to try and predict when that initial supply will dry up. A good example of this are the Ancient Mew promo cards.

These cards had a massive initial print run, which meant that for almost 20 years the price remained stagnant. Only now are they rising in price due to card loss and damage. i.e the supply of them dropping.

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