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A Review of the 10 oz YETI Rambler

At the time of writing, the UK is just about climbing out of what feels like a horrendously long winter. The YETI Rambler 10oz has been a literal god send on those dark winter mornings. It’s a proper chore to climb out of bed and pull on the walking boots for your daily dog walk; the YETI Rambler has made it a pleasure though.

It seems strange to be reviewing an outdoor orientated insulated mug on my tech and gaming blog. But, I’ve fell in love with this damn thing and I use it just about everywhere I go.

I bought the 10oz Rambler around 4 months ago during a trip to a seaside town. It retails at £25 but I had a £10 discount code, which made it difficult to not buy it. I’m so glad I did.

Review items were thin on the ground and this thing is so good, it made perfect sense to write a review of it. So, let’s dive right in.

Yeti Rambler Review
Yeti Rambler Review

YETI Rambler Review

The independent camping and outdoor shop only had the white YETI Rambler in stock. As it was sort of an impulse purchase I didn’t give much thought to which colorway I wanted, but I am pleased with what I bought.

The packaging is really well designed and made with good quality cardboard material. The half box design allows you to see the mug in all of it’s glory. It also lets you get a feel of what it’s like to handle.

And best of all with the packaging, there’s zero single use plastic. Hooray.

It’s textured finish feels nice in the hand, and I suspect it’s functional too. For example, it’ll probably help with your grip in wet weather conditions.

Empty, the mug has a bit of weight to it. Which is expected, this thing is built like a literal tank and I imagine you could possibly run it over with one and it’d survive. The bit about being run over with a tank isn’t strictly true, but you get the idea.

This heft comes from the stainless steel that’s used in the manufacture of the mug, so it’s solid and food safe, which is always good!

At the ‘front’ of the mug depending on which way you look at it, is the YETI logo. The logo is laser cut out of the textured material, leaving the metal body of the mug exposed, which leaves a nice contrast.

At the ‘back’ of the mug is an embossed YETI logo which is white, like the rest of the main body of the rambler.

The rim of the cup is bare metal. I like this because it allows you to sort of feel how hot the drink is going to be before scalding your lips and tongue – you wouldn’t really be able to tell otherwise due to the thick plastic removable lid.

The base of the mug is really quite thick, perfect for keeping your drink hot, should you set it down on a cold surface or on a snow covered wall or bench, for example.

The lid is easy to remove and easy to clean.
The lid is easy to remove and easy to clean.

The rest of the mug is equally as thick and bizarrely, that’s probably my only complaint. The YETI Rambler 10oz is so well insulated, that it doesn’t actually warm my hands with the hot coffee inside it on a cold morning.

I know, I know, it’s a stupid thing to complain about, but hear me out. How nice is it when you have cold hands, you can wrap them around a hot mug of coffee to warm them up?

My only other issue with the mug is the Magslider lid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s almost perfect. It helps keep my coffee incredibly hot and doesn’t allow any to spill out. What’s wrong with it then? Well, it’s quite difficult to clean the slidy bit thoroughly.

You can’t remove it, so every time I’ve used it so far, there’s been a bit of coffee gunk or something left behind. The solution to this, is to give it a good soak in hot soapy water for ten minutes and then air dry.

Or so I thought!

Whilst taking a closer look at the mug for this review, I realised that you can simply remove the Magslider from the lid to give it a thorough clean. It’s really rather simple.

Keeps Your Coffee Hot

The YETI Rambler 10oz is incredibly capable. I tend to walk my dog on longer walks at the weekends, some might describe them as ‘hikes’. These walks can last anywhere from between 1.5 to 3 hours. I’ve used the YETI on one long walk so far and my drink was still piping hot when we got back to the car at the start of the trail.

In fact, I have to remember to make my drink around 10 minutes earlier than I would with a cheaper brand so it’s at a drinkable temperature when we’re starting the hike.

The mug will hold the cold on warm days and keeps the heat when the weather gets chilly. I haven’t personally used it in warm weather yet. I’ll update this review if it performs any worse in the summer that I expect it too.

How Much And Where To Buy

You can buy this awesome YETI Rambler 10oz direct from the YETI website. Or, you can help the blog out and hit the button below which will take you to Amazon, we’ll get a small commission on qualifying purchases. It won’t cost you a penny extra!

Summary & Verdict

In a word, incredible. I really can’t go without my rambler on my morning walks. My go to recipe is regular hot chocolate with a spoonful of instant coffee stirred in. A perfect drink to kick start your morning, the YETI insulated mug keeps it piping hot and that’s all you really need.

Score: 10/10

It feels like it’ll last a life time too, so it’s well worth the asking price. Go on, go pick one up for your winter hikes or summer strolls.

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