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We love working with blogs and brands. Read on below to find out what sort of exposure you could get by working with us.

Who We’ve Worked With Or Reviewed

Why you should work with us?

Since launching our blog in July 2019, our organic search traffic has continued to grow month on month. We now get over 50,000 unique users and over 60,000 page views each month.

We’ve also been steadily growing our newsletter subscribers. If you want to utilise our audience and add a link to our monthly newsletter to increase traffic to your own site or blog, get in touch.

Our target audience is highly engaged and viewers who search and read reviews for a specific product show an intent to buy.

We’re always ready to work with new or established companies and ad agencies to promote your products or website to our audience. So get in touch with us today.

Our month on month organic traffic is growing steadily.

How We Can Help

Product Reviews

From Mobile Apps and Smart devices to the latest Gaming Peripherals we’ll test and review it. We have a team of 5 reviewers available to give your product a proper road test! We will be open and honest with our readers. If the product is fantastic, we’ll shout it from the rooftops, likewise if we don’t think it’s any good.

We’ll directly link back to either your website, Amazon product page or link of your choice.

We don’t charge for product reviews because we like to be open and honest in our opinions. We just ask that you give us the product, free of charge.

If you have an affiliate program, please let us know!

Banner Advertising

We also offer banner advertising in various sizes, our prices are flexible. you may choose a daily rate or buy a set number impressions.


We send our Newsletter once a month. Our plans this year (2020) are to increase the frequency we send them, to twice a month. Take advantage of our engaged code, tech and gaming audience to drive traffic to your site.

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