Why is Mobile Gaming Thriving?

Why is mobile gaming still thriving today?

The gaming world is extremely big business these days, with sales in the US soaring over May alongside the usual stream of gamers who always top up their collection throughout the year. Gaming isn’t just a hobby for some players; it’s a lifestyle. 

Not only is there an abundance of games to choose from in various genres including the likes of action-adventure games, simulation games, sports games and role-playing games, but there is also a wide variety of consoles and devices to play them on too. We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of handheld devices in recent times, for example, with the Nintendo Switch proving to be a huge success, but so too has our mobile phone devices. Our phones are better than ever before, and as a result, the gaming experience on them has improved massively. 

With so much competition out there and several more sophisticated gaming machines to play on, why is gaming on a mobile phone still so popular today? Below are a few reasons as to why. 

Casual, on the go gaming 

Probably the biggest selling point when it comes to mobile gaming is the fact that it is easy to access and play games on the move. You might be on the bus or waiting in line at the supermarket, and it’s no hassle at all to whip out your phone, fire up a puzzle game or start playing deuces wild video poker, all while getting on with your day. Compare that to gaming on a Playstation or an Xbox, which is far more of a commitment, and it’s easy to see why there has been a surge in popularity when it comes to gaming our on phones. Convenience is a factor in the success of many things, but especially gaming. Mobile phones will always have that selling point over many of its rival devices. 

Cheap or free games 

The vast majority of mobile phone games are either free or incredibly cheap, which is perfect for its audience of casual gamers who can trial various creations before deciding on one that they will session on their commute to work and hone their skills on. Looking at many creations on say the PC or the PS4, and the financial commitment is incomparable. Gaming on a sophisticated console not only costs a lot but picking up games can be a hassle, alongside returning them too. On a mobile phone, you can conduct everything you need at the touch of a button or two, all from wherever you may be at the time. 

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Easy to grasp creations 

Another huge factor in mobile phone gaming’s success is because the majority of games are easy to get the hang of, with a game out there for everyone too. From grandchildren to grandparents, there is a huge market of mobile gamers desperate to discover their next brain training release or catch that final Pokemon to add to their Pokedex. We all have a smartphone these days, so that has enabled games developers to satisfy a wide range of different audiences. That, alongside the fact that mobile games tend to be easy to grasp and quick to play, makes gaming on mobile the number one choice for so many people. 

Console-quality titles 

A trend of games developers releasing their console titles simultaneously with their smartphone version of games has developed, meaning the offering for mobile gamers is getting better and better. The games released are more advanced in terms of their graphics and all-round sophistication than we’ve ever seen. There’s more to come too, you’d think. Exciting times.

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