Where is Conflux Lost Sector On Nessus? Destiny 2
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Where Is the Conflux Lost Sector: Destiny 2

Where is the Conflux Lost Sector in Destiny 2 I hear you ask? Well help is on hand. This Destiny 2 lost sector guide will explain where to find it. The Conflux is a Lost Sector in the Arcadian Valley on the planet Nessus. The majority of the action takes place far below the surface, it’s deep inside of The Cistern.

If you’re on the Chalice of Opulence quest and struggling to find the Lost Sector read on below, or skip the text and scroll down to find a video that shows the entrance to the Conflux lost sector.

The lost sector will allow you to earn a new type of currency called Imperials.  These can be used to obtain and upgrade the Chalice of Opulence and unlock a couple of Rune Slots.  You’ll earn your first Imperials in this sector.

If you’re not familiar with Lost Sectors let’s just have a bit of a recap shall we? They’re a type of Player Versus Environment (PvE) activity that were only introduced in Destiny 2. They’re made up of a couple of different things such as a hidden dungeon or side area. These dungeons often contain such large numbers of enemies that it’ll sometimes overwhelm you, basically they’re tough! So, it’s best to proceed with extreme caution. They also contain a boss enemy and an unlock-able treasure chest. 

Lost Sectors can be always be identified by a sort of rainbow or bridge symbol that appears near the entrance to the dungeon. Sometimes you’ll find it with ease and other times you’ll be scratching your head in frustration. I’ve learnt the hard way that the actual difficulty of these lost sectors is actually locating the entrance!

Once you’ve sorted the hard part, locating the entrance next up you want to go ahead and take out the countless enemies with extreme prejudice. Once you’re face to face with the boss killing it unlocks the unlock-able chest. The chest will contain some loot. Amongst the loot will be some glimmer, often rare equipment and a token unique to that planet, in our case Nessus.

Although, having said that tokens have stopped being issued in those chests since the release of Forsaken and update 2.0. It’s not all bad news though as you can complete each lost sector an infinite amount of times. Simply exit the chamber and the enemies, boss and loot will be repopulated. Then just head back in for more booty!

The Cistern Is Where To Find The Conflux Lost Sector Entrance On Nessus
The Cistern Is Where To Find The Conflux Lost Sector Entrance On Nessus

How To Find The Conflux Lost Sector

If you’ve already landed on Nessus and started exploring, you’re ahead of the curve. It’s a good place to start looking as Nessus is where you’ll find the entrance to it.

The trouble is, the Conflux Lost Sector is not labelled on the map, unless you hover over it. On the off chance you manage to hover over in on the map, don’t lose sight of it! Take a picture of it with your phone and refer back to it as many times as you need.

I mentioned above about the difficulty in finding the symbols at the entrances of some lost sectors. The Conflux entrance symbol is very faint so it’s easy to overlook it, I did the first and second time I tried to find it. Stick with it, be patient and you’ll find it, eventually.

Anyway, here’s a detailed overview of how to find it.

Head For The Cistern Landing Zone

Open up your map and head for the Cistern to find the Conflux Lost Sector. Whilst you’re on the Chalice of Opulence quest you’ll get a task. That task is a need to track down a new Lost Sector. Find that new lost sector and you’ll earn a new type of currency as a reward, this new currency is called Imperials. Imperials serve a specific purpose, they can only really be used to upgrade the Chalice of Opulence and also unlock Rune Slots.

To get to the Conflux quickly you will want to land at the The Cistern Landing Zone in the Arcadian Valley. Then as you’re heading towards the Well of Flame you should spot a very faint Lost Sector icon just north of the well. If you hover over this icon the Conflux will be revealed, from there just access the area as normal.

Find The Cave

Once you’re in you need to be on the lookout for cave next to a waterfall, there’s only one, so you can’t miss it. Once inside the sector you will face what can only be described as an onslaught of several Cabal enemies that need to be killed before moving on to the boss enemy, which will be much more powerful! Once you’ve beaten them all, if you don’t have weapons at a high enough level, you can always go and grind some more to level up and then re-visit the Conflux Lost Sector at a later date.

Once you’ve beaten all of the enemies you’ll then be able to open the chest. The chest in the Conflux will contain loads of Imperials as your reward, allowing you to unlock a new Rune on the Chalice of Opulence.

Map And Screenshot

Make use of the below map and screenshot to help you accurately identify where to find the Conflux lost sector. A visual reference point makes finding the entrance so much easier.

Where Is The Conflux Lost Sector On Nessus Destiny 2 [VIDEO]

If you need a more visual guide on how to find the Conflux, check out the video below and match it to your surroundings on Nessus. A visual representation side by side is often easier than following a text how-to-guide, so I hope this helps you find it.

It’s easy to miss the entrance to the Conflux Lost Sector, here’s a quick vid to help you find it.

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