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What World of Warcraft can teach players who are far from online games

Online games have become an integral part of the gaming industry and attract players with an open game world, constant additions, bright and dynamic battles and the possibility of socialization and influence on the server economy.

In fact, each player becomes who he really is, but for various reasons he cannot decide to do the same in the real world. World of Warcraft is good as a projection of aspirations – where the player without fear wins back any model of behavior and aspirations he likes – because he does not risk anything. If you find yourself in the game, then you can adopt this skill in the real world and change your life – the main thing to remember is that WoW, like other MMO RPGs, is just a game.

Everyone will find something different in the World of Warcraft – someone will sit for hours at each quest to understand the lore and the history of the war of factions in Azeroth, and someone will order a WoW boost and go to conquer Dragonflight content.

What World of Warcraft can teach

  • Commonwealth
  • Economy
  • Faith in one’s strength


The community of any online game and World of Warcraft is no exception – it’s a big family that interacts with each other. This does not mean that absolutely every player will be friendly and pleasant, but it does mean that everyone will find themselves inside the game if they apply their aspirations and skills correctly.

You can join a guild or create your own to fulfill your need for leadership or communication. The mechanics of the guild is built in such a way that in order to level up the brotherhood and discover new opportunities and passive skills, you will need to complete many tests and tasks and participation is required from each player – loners in guilds do not take root.

If you do not like cooperating with a large group of people, you can look for your people to organize into a group. In the future, the formed group will help you conquer the best content of the game – raids and PVP.

Start with a few people – this will be enough to start and complete simple dungeons, where you and your new friends will be strengthened by equipment and weapons and grow together.

For the very lonely, there are classes like the Hunter – master of the beasts. You will call your pet, which will become your only friend. You won’t need anyone, but at level 60-70 for hiking and dungeons you will need a group to go on mythical raids to get the best equipment. Your class will be in demand, and you can go all the way to the desired level alone.


Economics and finance in online games work the same way as in real life, with one pleasant exception for the players – more room for error. Gold is obtained more easily and is invested similarly.

Professions – as in real life, professionals make good money. If you, for example, choose the profession of a blacksmith and will independently extract resources and create items that your level of knowledge allows, then you will notice how progress will go.

Instead of basic swords, there will be more durable and powerful weapons, which have a higher price, and gradually you will have the first customers who will make orders.Starting with the Dragonflight update, you can track the order board and complete orders from other players for the specified amount if it suits you, but be careful – the players set who uses the resources to create and if your stocks are involved, and it suits you – increase the price.

If in real life you also approach the issue of a profession, then taking into account the fact that you like what you do, you will find the same success.

In the WoW world, you can become a merchant – a character who has valuable items without even leaving the marketplace – he buys and sells for his own benefit. Such a role will teach you how to control money – this is the main trait that is needed to succeed.

And finally, adventurism – independence from gold gives a craving for adventure and a special lifestyle that is available to very free people. This is a good trait if you are not asking for money from others and are not on maintenance – loving life as it is a very good quality and WoW can teach this if you adopt the behavior model that you yourself set for your character.

Faith in one’s strength

Online games teach people to believe in themselves – victories in PvP and PvE open up, you see that your losses can lead to a decrease in results and this gives resilience and pleasure.

When a player has a succession of successes, even if they gradually develop into failures, it inspires and gives a cumulative feeling of self-confidence, which is very difficult to knock back if the player really believes in himself. This trait also works in what is happening in the world, and this is another plus that World of Warcraft can give.

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