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What Jobs and Salaries Can You Access Once You Pass Microsoft AZ-104 Certification Exam?

The competition in the IT industry is very high these days. International companies are interested in working with top Microsoft AZ-104 Practice Test who can add value to their team and come up with innovative solutions to their problems. Once hiring managers find the type of candidate they are looking for, they become interested in such specialists and are open to offering attractive payment and additional bonuses. 

If you want to become part of this exclusive group of people, you will need to do more than just gain practical expertise. One of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself from other candidates is by passing professional exams. For instance, if you want to build a career around the Microsoft Azure environment, you should pass the Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test and obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Once you succeed in getting the passing score on this test, a new world of opportunities will open to you. So, read this article to find more about the type of jobs and salary offers you can access once after successful completion of this exam.

Top 3 Jobs You Can Apply to Once You Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The Microsoft AZ-900 Practice Test targets Azure Administrators who want to become skilled at implementing the organization’s cloud infrastructure. For example, you can apply to the positions such as Azure Administrator, Cloud Software Engineer, and Systems Administrator. Let’s have a look at each of these roles in the following paragraphs.

  • Azure Administrator

If you decide to apply for a position as Azure Administrator, then you will need to learn how to implement and manage Azure solutions. Besides, you should become experienced in monitoring the Azure infrastructure and be familiar with virtual machines, identity, storage, governance, and computing while operating in a cloud environment. According to the information provided by, the annual salary for an Azure Administrator reaches $107k on average.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

The Cloud Software Engineer focuses on developing the necessary policies that should be used for cloud services. Besides, the person hired for this position will be responsible for implementing such policies and managing any request that comes for net technologies. The Cloud Software Engineer plays an important role in securing the cloud infrastructure and ensures appropriate and quick availability of cloud services. As reported by, you can expect the average payment is $98k annually working in this position.

  • Systems Administrator

Systems Administrators are responsible for organizing, installing, and offering support to a company’s computer systems. As you pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam, you will also learn how the Azure Services and Workloads functions and how you can use them to ensure security and governance in your company. As for the salary, Microsoft MS-100 Practice Test  informs that you should expect to receive an offer of $63k per year, on average. You can get a more generous offer that can reach $89k if you have additional skills and international certifications like the one associated with the AZ-104 exam.


There’s no doubt that you will have attractive career opportunities once you pass the Microsoft AZ-400 Practice Test . This certification test helps you develop advanced skills in managing Azure infrastructure and become a trustworthy team member. Register for this assessment today and enjoy the benefits associated with becoming a Microsoft-certified professional!

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