What Does Bingo Tell us About the Mobile Experience?

Worth well over a billion dollars annually, interactive entertainment on mobile represents an enormous and ever-growing marketplace. The reasons for the success of this platform are myriad, tying deeply into both social-cultural and technological elements. Look through the right lens, however, and the reason for mobile success can be clear. That’s what we want to do with bingo, to show how it illustrates the strength of mobile devices, and perfectly encapsulates some of the technology’s most important potential.

A Library of Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons players have fun playing online bingo is the choices available. The best websites here have a wide selection of tables covering both low and high buy-ins, with a range of themes and art styles, including links to established brands like Deal or No Deal. For many players, this singular element of choice has acted as the deciding factor for why mobiles stand out.

Go to the app market today for any tool or entertainment experience and you’ll find dozens of options, each offering their personal take, aiming to one-up the others. This sort of variety is fantastic for users, while also ensuring that competitors always have something to fight for.

Convenience is King

The biggest libraries in the world aren’t worth much at all if they have issues of access. This is another area in which mobiles and bingo stand out. As a relatively simple form of gaming, bingo has low requirements, and these low requirements mean that it can run extremely well on even older phones and connections.

While not always the case, the vast majority of mobile users on any connection speed, on any workable smartphone, will be able to play mobile bingo. This is essentially a new thing for online digital entertainment, where what we used to think of as constant prohibitive factors are increasingly falling by the wayside. Where you might have used to need a top of the line device to enjoy the best experiences, today, often all you need is a ‘phone’.

Keeping us Connected

Ask any long-time bingo player what their favorite part of the game is, and chances are you’ll hear about the community. This level of connectivity is one of mobiles’ key strengths, though it’s sometimes not exploited as well as it could be.

In mobile bingo, the community aspect of the game is maintained even while the titles make the jump to the digital space. This is accomplished through the application of timed systems and chat services. Taking a spot next to your friends in real life and joining the same online table is easy, and carries much of traditional bingo’s appeal. The only real difference is that, in the new way, players get to choose who they sit next to every time.

As far as online bingo has come, it’s still a long way from seeing the end of the road. With each new development that mobiles have embraced, bingo has been there to draw inspiration, and to leverage new tech to great effect. Whatever the next major move in mobiles might be, from faster connections to folding screens and AR, or something entirely unpredictable, chances are that bingo will benefit. Not bad for a game dated back to the 16th century.

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