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What Do I Need To Consider When Picking Which New Casino Sites To Use?

There’s a huge amount of gambling sites for you to choose from. 

Some established online casinos have been around for decades. These are great for players who demand brand recognition, an established way of doing things and impressive loyalty schemes. 

However, newer casinos can offer more games, larger welcome bonuses, and superior technology. This makes them perfect for players who want a great experience from the outset. 

The problem is there are so many great new casino sites and they each offer something different. This means it’s vital you decide what you’re looking for in a casino, otherwise you can spend a lot of time getting nowhere when searching for the right one. 

In this article, we cover three questions you should consider before deciding which sites you want to use. Once you’ve got the answers to them you’ll be able to quickly locate the new casinos that are ideal for you.  

Q 1: What games do you want to play (slots, blackjack, etc…)?

Extensive games libraries are one of the best things about new online casinos. 

These newer sites have to work harder than established ones to show players they can offer the experience you look for. Giving you a broad and diverse games catalogue is one of the key ways they do this. 

But what you’ll often find is that certain casinos specialise in specific games. 

For example, there are new casinos created with slots fans in mind. These can be easy to spot as they frequently feature “slots” in the name of the casino. 

But what if you don’t care much for slots and instead want a new site with great live games? If this (or another game) is true for you then it’s a good idea to search for “best new live casinos”. You’ll then get a list of the newer sites that offer a quality live gaming experience. 

We could spend a lot of time talking about the games you could play but the key consideration remains the same: decide what games you’re looking for at a new casino. 

Q 2: Do you want to place bets on sporting events/players?

One of the drawbacks of newer gambling sites is that many are geared more towards casino games than to sports betting. 

This is fine if you don’t care about wagering on sporting events/players but isn’t great if you do want to place sports bets. In this scenario you need to consider a couple of things: 

  • What sports do you want to bet on? 
  • How new does the casino need to be? 

The reality is that this does shrink the pool of casinos you can select but it doesn’t make it impossible to find newer sites that give you what you want. 

For instance, Space Casino is a recent site that lets you bet on sports (such as football and tennis) and play some classic casino games (like slots and baccarat). 

That’s just one example of a new casino that lets you place sports wagers and we could give you others. What’s key is that you consider whether you want a site that offers this experience. If you do then you’ll find the number of new casinos offering this isn’t as great as the established sites that feature it. 

Q 3: How good are the casino bonuses on offer at these sites?

Bonuses are one of the areas where new online casinos really shine. 

This is because established sites already have lots of players they can count on, whereas newer sites need to build up their user base. Offering you a broad range of ‘free’ bonuses (such as free spins and welcome bonuses) is one method for doing this. 

But what you’ll find is that these rewards aren’t truly free. The reason for this is that they come with wagering requirements. 

Casino wagering requirements are the amount of your own money you need to bet before you’re able to withdraw the winnings you make from a bonus. Taking the example of a £100 welcome bonus, this is how wagering requirements work: 

  • 30x wagering requirement: you must invest £3,000 of your own cash 
  • 40x wagering requirement: you must invest £4,000 of your own cash 
  • 50x wagering requirement: you must invest £5,000 of your own cash 

Why is this important to consider? Because if you’re picking between one new casino or another based on the bonuses they offer then you need to think about how good they really are — it may look appealing to see a large one but it may be that picking a smaller offer actually gives you better value. 

Picking a new gambling site might not make you a better casino player but it could give you a superior gambling experience, so long as you consider your options. 

So, consider what games you want to play, if you wish to bet on sports, how good the bonus offers truly are, and remember that there are many new casinos out there that could give you what you want. 

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