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Week 1 Digest

I thought it’d be a good idea to write a weekly digest of what I’ve been doing and learning in the previous 7 days. The goal is to try and post this type of article once per week. I’m not committing to saying I’ll definitely do it every week without fail, as that’d be a lie! It’ll probably be a short blog post but something you can read to get an idea of what I’ve done. Maybe it’ll give you ideas about what to go and learn or try.

So, last week it was all about client site maintenance. I was looking for ways to reduce the resources my client sites are using.  I only really have enough server resources to take on one or two more clients which means that I’d have to stop growing my business. That’s not something I want to do! Some of the options I looked included; image optimization (reducing the size), minifying scripts and extending the length of time that the sites exist in cache. The only problem is I’ve already done these and many more.  My only real option is to upgrade the server. I’ll be talking to my hosting provider over the next few weeks to discuss what option would be best for me.

Other maintenance activities included security patches, some SEO work including trying to build more backlinks for a client who has a hair salon and ensuring SSL certificates are upto date.

Friday evening was spent starting my preparations to quote a Pizza company for a new website and takeaway ordering system. The client has as strict set of business requirements that must be met. I’ll be working hard to come up with solutions to those in preparation for sending over my proposal.

This blog has also had some updates. I’ve added a few articles and tried my best with the SEO. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this at the minute but hopefully over the next 6 months the traffic will grow substantially.

I haven’t learnt a great deal of code this week, although, I have had to make a few changes to the PHP files to update the footer and header. I’m not great with PHP but I guess I know enough to make some small changes. What have you learnt this week?

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