Using HTML5 to Create Online Slots

Online casino gambling has experienced several shifts that account for its growth over the years. Technology and innovations have significantly contributed, ensuring the iGaming industry remains relevant and popular. Punters love slot games. It is easy to understand and play, especially for new players. They have become the most attractive game category on-site and online. However, most gamblers need to be more curious to know how these online slots are created.

Online slots played under 1 hour withdrawal casino Canada can be created using HTML (HyperText Markup Language). These caino slots have interesting graphics alongside good RTP and functionality. HTML is a markup programming language used to develop applications and web pages. There are various iterations of HTML, but we will be concerned about HTML5. It is the latest version and has been running well since 2012.

How to Use HTML5 – Basics

Online slot machines are practically reels that the player spins. The alignment of one or more symbols determines whether that’s a winning spin. An online slot is a single HTML page characterized by webfront, game code, and jQuery. It is important to have this information as we proceed to create a simple game using HTML5.

HTML5 has pushed the boundaries of what web developers can do. It was so easy to push out its counterpart out of the coding market. The markup language was practically designed to perform anything – animation, embed movies and music, etc. The elements are spelled out by enclosed tags which determine the layout and content of a web page. HTML5 provides more evolutionary features and standards compared to other iterations of HTML.

Let’s create a simple slot game. This slot machine would have three outcomes independently. If the symbols matched, the user would have a win, and a Boing song would be heard. However, in this simple game, only two numbers would be rotated to provide a better winning chance. First, you have to select your HTML editor. Options include Atom, VS Code, Sublime Text, etc. For this case study, we would be making us of VS Code.

Programming Structure using HTML





       <h1 class=”center”>Play Slot Game!</h1>

       <div class=” center Lever”>

               <button onclick=”spin()”>Lever</button>


        <table class=”center”>




        <span id=”item1” class=”slot-number”>-</span>



        <span id=”item2” class=”slot-number”>-</span>



        <span id=”item3” class=”slot-number”>-</span>





        <div id=”message” class=’center message”>

                                    …….You Got The Prize!


        <audio id=” boing”

        <source src=”boing.mp3” type=”audio/MPEG”




Creating Your Code

Two files will be needed to code this simple game using the VS Code HTML editor. The Boing.mp3 sound and the index.html store our HTML code. The index.html would also have the CSS and JavaScript code. HTML is responsible for the content, CSS takes care of the style, and JavaScript codes the behavior. This is practically the mental model of programming. However, we are focused on the HTML aspect of web programming. The Boing.mp3 file is needed to give a sound if a combination is right. This tells the player that they have won the round.

The HTML structure is simple. It has the standard html, head, and body tags. The html tag houses the head and body tags. The head tag has metadata like the title tag. The CSS and JavaScript code would also be stored in the head tag. Now, the body tag is where the great work happens. It is the meat of the HTML element live.

The body contains an h1 tag, which displays the game title. The user presses the button tag for the computer to generate random numbers. This is also found in the body tag. The table is located in the body in a single row. Our simple slot machine would have three columns representing the different three drums of the slot machine, showcasing the random numbers or symbols. It could be more than that, depending on what you are building.

The remaining two elements in our body tag are the div and audio tag. The div tag is programmed with a message (You Got the Prize!)that pops when the player wins. The audio tag is where the sound would be embedded -the boing sound. Also, the sound would be made when the player wins.

Let’s Round it Up – Why Use HTML5?

HTML5 is a great programming tool. It has incredible features that make your slot machine function adequately. As new elements get integrated, its benefits increases. APIs for offline and audio storage, 2D and 3D graphics, etc., are some amazing features. Additionally, once the code is written correctly, it can run on various devices, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Samsung Internet, etc., making it the future of programming.

There are so many ways to increase our simple game. You could increase the range of numbers which could raise the difficulty level. Or you could add symbols and other elements. Also, we could play different sounds for winning or losing.

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