Torto Divine Release Date
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Torto Cursed Divine Release Date

The Torto Cursed Divine Release Date has been announced. Yes, thats right this awesome looking 2d adventure game is coming to steam on 11th December 2020.

You can read the full press release below:

Torto Cursed Divine Release Date

Torto: Cursed Divine is the first game of TortoRacoon coming to Steam. An adventure inspired by almost forgotten Aztec tales and mythology where you explore an Island looking for temples and fight Gods in the order you discover them.

Wall jumps, air dashes and a satisfying combat system will be your tools to fight monsters and solve puzzles in your quest around Klux Island, where secrets hide in every corner.

Most upgrades are optional and can be acquired through exploration to find keys and chests that lie hidden across the island. They offer an incentive to re-explore areas once your abilities allow you to reach new places.

Game Features

Climbing Mechanics

You have different moves that allow you to go forward, the main being a dash that consumes when in the air and reloads once your grounded. A sword slash that propels you forward but locks other moves once performed, wall jumps and hanging from elements in the map. You need to use them wisely to get to new locations.

Upgrades and power ups

As you explore or you complete puzzles, there are certain items that will give you extra dashes or will expand your maximum health an bullet damage. Upgrading Torto will motivate you to explore the island, especially if you find a challenge too difficult to complete.

Combat system

You have sword basic combos and bullets, but also your dash move has an especial use during battles. If used on a final blow, you can absorb the remaining vitality of your enemies to heal yourself. This is particularly useful during Boss battles.


Areas have switches placed in high places. Switches will activate or deactivate elements in the map. The different configurations will create the circumstances for you to move deeper in the temple. Some doors will open once the enemies in the area are defeated (in a TLOZ fashion).


It is simple: a series of events take Torto to Klux Island, a place where mortals live along the divine. Torto discovers very soon that Gods are responsible for impeding ships from leaving the island, and the inhabitants are being affected by this as well. So he decides to explore his way to the temples to confront the Gods and unravel the mystery that led to this situation.

7 temples full puzzles and Boss battles will keep you exploring the island in this retro style adventure reminiscent of classics like Ninja Gaiden, Megaman and Metroid.

Torto Divine Trailer

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