Top x Essential Technologies in Online Casinos

The entire online casino industry is built on emerging technologies, like the Internet in the 1990s. Considering that, it is no wonder that the entire industry is on the lookout for any new technology that may help them gain an edge over the competition. Here are examples of several essential technologies in online casinos that helped shape them into what they are today.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is currently the most dominant form of gaming on the market. Gaming accounts for 43% of entire smartphone usage in 2020. The revenue of mobile gaming was more than $76 billion in the same year. That is a rather big cake and online casinos have secured a big chunk of it by early adoption of mobile apps that allowed their players to access their games from almost anywhere. With the 5G network being introduced (albeit slowly) around the globe, mobile gaming will play an even bigger role in the online casinos’ revenue stream. The convenience of gambling online from the comfort of your home simply cannot be beaten and billions of people take advantage of that fact on a weekly or even daily basis.

Online Casino Gaming Software

The design of software technology is bread and butter for online casinos and something they pay much attention to. The software used by them, like the one found in King Billy casino, is the cutting edge of software technology, featuring the latest in the gambling industry and filled with security features. This is something online casinos do not compromise with and it shows. Players are greeted with the best gambling games money can buy, developed by some of the best gaming studios in the business. But gaming software is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous processes running under the hood, ensuring the players can enjoy themselves without interruption and without having to worry about anything. Security software first comes to mind, but there are also other components of the system players usually don’t have a chance to see, like payment processors, random number generators, and many others.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the biggest buzzwords in the informatics world in the last several years. Ever since bitcoin made its breakthrough, people became intensely interested in it and what it has to offer. And the answer is a lot. From improved security to scalability, blockchain promises to be one of the technologies that can change the world, if applied properly. Online casinos have seen its potential and more and more of them are implementing it in their daily operations. Accepting cryptocurrency was just the first step towards full blockchain implementation. Some casinos already base their entire payment processor on the blockchain, taking full advantage of security inherent in the system, as well as transparency. Players get much faster, more secure, and cheaper transactions and a bigger choice of payment options.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a term that has been around seemingly forever, but somehow we never get to fully experience it. Despite its potential, the combination of expensive gear and low content supply has kept it on the sidelines for years. Fortunately, that trend is finally reversing, as the price of the equipment is starting to reach levels more people can afford and developers are finally taking notice of that fact. The more titles they create, the bigger demand for gear will be, driving prices further down. In a few years, that spiral can easily make virtual reality mainstream technology and a norm for all new content. Online casinos are already experimenting with live rooms powered by virtual reality, offering their players a unique experience.

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