Top 4 Games For Sports Fans

Millions of people around the world choose to spend their free time playing games, as it is the perfect way to relax from the daily struggles of normal life. The evolution in technology now means that games can be played on a broad number of devices, which means that those looking to play a game don’t necessarily need to have a games console. But, which four games should sports fans look to play to unwind when they are at home?


There aren’t many more popular sports games than FIFA. Millions of football fans around the world spend hours of their free time playing the popular EA Sports title, and that growing demand has led to the game being released on a number of different devices. 

The most popular way to play the game is on PlayStation or Xbox, but nowadays the title is also available on mobile devices. That means that gamers can play the game while they are on the move. Some of the game modes are different on the mobile device, which means that the console version remains the most popular. There is also the enjoyable aspect of playing with friends on PlayStation and Xbox, as gamers can play online modes such as Ultimate Team.

Football Glory

The popularity of football around the world makes it a popular genre for slots games. One of the most popular slots is called Football Glory, and it is developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Slot fans will get lost in this game, as players try and match the symbols that are in the game. 

There is the option to win free spins and cash prizes in this game, which is available with Betsson Casino. Before starting to play the game, you can learn about the offers at Betsson Casino. It is likely to appeal to both slots fans in general and football fans, as there are five reels and 25 pay lines.


One of the most popular sports in North America, and around the rest of the world is basketball. Players will be able to get closer to the action by playing the ever-popular NBA 2K. The game features some of the sport’s biggest names, including Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Gianni Antetokounmpo.  

As well as playing exhibition matches, there is also the opportunity to play in some of the most dynamic modes in sports gaming. Among the most popular are MyCareer, MyTeam and Franchise Mode.

Football Manager

Playing a sports game isn’t all about controlling your favourite players and helping your favourite team win titles. Instead, one of the most popular sports games that is equally as popular on mobile and PC is Football Manager. In this game, you are the manager and are in control of naming the line-ups and signing new players. The decisions that you make alter the performance levels of the team that you’re managing. 

This game’s popularity can’t be understated, as millions get hooked on Football Manager and play the game for hours. Setting yourself a challenge is easy with this game, as you could take over a minnow and try and get them to the highest level.

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