Top 3 Medieval Strategy Games

Traditional strategy games aren’t as popular these days due to the modern video gaming revolution favoring first-person shooters and online multiplayer “royale” games like FortNite. While these next-gen titles can be a lot of fun, it’s a shame today’s kids are increasingly shying away from classic strategy games like the Total War series or Age of Empires. In fact, what is a strategy game many people wonder about and how it improves decision making, which shows their majorly reduced presence in today’s gaming world? 

In basic terms, a strategy game requires instinctive decision-making skills that will significantly affect the overall outcome of, say, a battle or sports fixture. AI plays out the event in most cases, but the tactics and decisions you make will have a significant bearing on what happens. Medieval strategy games like Medieval II: Total War are very similar to a complex game of chess, which is why they are regularly lauded as essential to critical thinking development. So, you can get a taste for yourself, keep reading for a look at the top 4 medieval strategy games from over the years. 

Why Do Medieval Strategy Games Tend to Be The Most Popular? 

Before we explore some concrete examples, it’s worth delving deeper into why medieval strategy games tend to be the most popular. While you can find other examples, such as Football Manager or WWII military strategy games, the majority are focused on the medieval period. There are several reasons for this, but arguably the biggest is due to the sheer number of military engagements during this particularly ferocious period of history. 

Moreover, classic images like castles and knights reverberate strongly in the public consciousness, which means medieval strategy games generally tend to be more eye-catching. At the same time, there is a lot of valuable history to be learned here. Games like Medieval II: Total War intertwine pivotal global events like the discovery of the Americas, the development of gunpowder, and the Inquisition. It’s a fantastic hands-on approach to learning history while having a crazy amount of fun at the same time. 

The Top 3 Medieval Strategy Games 

Unfortunately, current medieval strategy games are increasingly hard to come by. Gaming has moved on, and players prefer military-style games in the same vein as first-person shooters like Call of Duty. Sure, these titles offer a bit more direct engagement, but nowhere near as much tactical thought or decision making. 

For a different kind of experience, we highly recommend these top 3 medieval strategy games: 

  • Medieval II: Total War: Widely regarded as the definitive medieval strategy game, Medieval II: Total War is a vast and highly complex game blending a conquest-style map with individual battles. Knowing your military strategy isn’t simply enough here, as players also need to think tactically about economics, monarchy, and diplomatic relations. As you can see from this Medieval II: Total War review, there is a monumental amount to unpick playing this game. A standout in the field! 
  • Age of Empires IV: The newest installment of the iconic Age of Empires series, Age of Empires IV takes us back to the Middle Ages. Players can play as eight civilizations, including the Abbasid Dynasty, Delhi Sultanate, Mongol Empire, and several European factions. It received rave reviews, although Medieval II: Total War still comes out on top for sheer historical accuracy. 
  • Crusader Kings III: While the last two examples focus on vast civilizations, Crusader Kings III offers a slightly more personable experience. Players must take control of their own medieval dynasty, seeking to expand territory, gain diplomatic alliances, and establish an economic might needed to finance their armies. One selling point is the meticulously researched historical timeline alongside a vast map stretching from the British Isles to Burma and the Horn of Africa. 

Other Ways to Get Your Medieval Gaming Fix 

Strategy games aren’t the only way to get your medieval gaming fix, as there are plenty of alternatives; for example, the wildly successful The Elder Scrolls RTP series. Elsewhere, online games like NetEnt’s Asgardian Stones are a great way to immerse yourself in the medieval world. The best online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses so you can play these games for longer. These games are available on various platforms, but you can read online casino reviews for Canada to ensure you’re playing on the best sites. Remember, medieval gaming isn’t the only way to lose oneself in this fascinating historical period. Films like Kingdom of Heaven starring Orlando Bloom or the exceptional Lord of the Rings series are also great alternatives. 

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