The Slot Games Players Will Enjoy Most

No casino game has benefitted from the transition online more than slots. Now able to offer more variety and bigger prizes, the player base has swelled massively.

Developers have become desperate to innovate and produce the next big hit to captivate the slot community. Numerous failed attempts have left the online space saturated with sub-par games, lacking in gameplay, visuals and pay-out rate.

This article details the best slot games on the market and the core features that make them so enjoyable.

Before Getting Started

RTP and volatility are two key elements of online slots that are central to dissecting an individual game. The two metrics both measure the pay-out rate of a slot game.

Return to play (RTP) is expressed as a percentage and measures what quantity of players’ stakes are returned as winnings. For example, an RTP of 90% means that roughly £90 is returned to the player from £100 worth of bets.

This could be through multiple small payouts or a single larger one. The given number is very accurate and the RTP is generally displayed in a slot’s description.

Volatility is less concrete and is instead a rating applied by the community as a result of anecdotal experiences. The three degrees of volatility are low, medium and high.

A low volatility slot machine tends to pay out smaller amounts less frequently. High volatility describes the opposite whilst medium denotes a balanced middle ground.

Paylines are another inherent element of slot games that drastically alter how the game is played. They represent the number of unique symbol patterns that trigger a winning combination.

More paylines means more opportunity to win. However, sometimes access to all paylines is locked behind a minimum stake.


A classic amongst fans, any season slots player will undoubtedly have come across this game. Despite being over a decade old, Starburst has aged extremely well and retained an unyielding popularity.

Crisp visuals and a great audio track make playing this slot a treat for the senses. However, most integral to Starburst’s success is the game’s unrivalled affordability.

Starburst is considered a low volatility slot, so don’t expect to be waiting too long between wins. Despite this, the various bonuses can culminate in an astonishing 50,000x multiplier of your original bet.

The slot also contains a win both ways feature, meaning winning patterns can also be obtained from right to left. With a minimum bet of just 0.10, this slot is ideal for both new and established players.

Starburst has a very respectable RTP of 96.09%.

Eye of Horus

Virgin Games Eye of Horus slot puts the player at the mercy of the legendary Egyptian god Horus. Another newcomer friendly slot, 10 paylines and an RTP of 96.31% puts it amongst the highest on this list.

Ample opportunity for free spins is offered by the Bonus Symbols. Three or more trigger a very generous 12 free spins, more than the standard 10 offered by most other slots.

Obtaining subsequent Horus symbols during these spins can grant up to five more. Considered a medium volatility, slot Eye of Horus perfectly balances the frequency and size of payouts.

A minimum bet of 0.10 with top prize of 500x the player’s stake makes playing this slot both rewarding and affordable.

Book of Dead

Another Egypt-themed slot, this Legacy of Dead prequel has the player scouring the enigmatic tombs of ancient pharaohs. Brimming with slick Egyptian iconography, this slot has exceptional visual quality.

A minimum stake of 0.10 could see the player rewarded with an incredible 5,000x multiplier across its 10 paylines. Three or more Tomb Scatter symbols reveal the titular Book of Dead and reward the player with 10 free spins.

An RTP of 96.21% paired with a high volatility opens the door for huge sums to be won with this slot.

Big Bass Bonanza

Something to satiate the sports fans, this retro style slot takes fishing as its central theme. A range of bonus features makes this dynamic slot come to life with the right spins.

Spinning allows the player to ‘catch’ fish with a set value relative to the stake. The value of these fish is doubled with a Money Collect Symbol

Landing up to five scatter symbols can trigger as many as 20 free spins, double the standard amount. The appearance of four fishermen during this bonus round secures a further 10 free spins.

Those lucky enough to secure four more will have any caught fish triple in value. Another high volatility slot, an RTP of 96.71% makes Big Bass Bonanza one of the best around.

Blood Suckers

Blood Sucker is designed for the player who values frequent wins over sizeable ones. This three rowed, five reeled slot has an incredible 25 paylines. 

Its low volatility rating combined with an RTP of 98% means players are never waiting long between wins. With a win frequency of almost 45% makes the 1,000x multiplier offered very generous.

With minimum stake starting at just 0.25, playing Blood Suckers is sure not to bleed you dry.

Choosing the Right Game is Essential

The extremely competitive online slot market means that players are now inundated with endless choice. Selecting the best games is vital to ensuring playing remains engaging, fun and profitable.

Especially for new players, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Thankfully, the best options around are listen above, so sign up and get playing.

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