The Best Games From An Alternative Universe

There’s a game for everyone out there, but there is something extra special in being totally swept away into a different universe. If you’re the kind of gamer that revels in losing themselves completely then you’ll enjoy this selection of games that will leave you completely immersed in an alternative universe. Hey, when the news is so depressing, why not?


Quake is an enormously popular game, so much so that it burst onto the Esports scene in 1997, long before the vast majority of us even realised the scene existed. Watching the people at the very top of their Quake game is absolutely amazing. Although few of the top players have been playing since 1997, there are many that have weathered several versions of the game. As of 2022 it has had more than a dozen sequels, meaning that for new players and old there’s plenty to get your teeth into. If you’re content to watch others performing then it’s now possible to bet on Esports on various websites, as outlined by SBO. There are always betting deals on offer, and each website is checked for whether they provide loyalty deals, sign up bonuses and accept crypto as a payment method. 

Of course, if you’d rather stick solely to an alternative universe then it’s totally possible to get involved with playing Quake rather than betting on it. There’s a strong gothic vibe to all of the sequels, with music from the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor featuring heavily on the soundtracks. The worlds that you encounter are medieval in flavour and full of monsters that you’ll be challenged to battle with. If you enjoy dark, gritty games with gloomy overtones then you’ll be easily swept away in this classic.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile takes a gothic approach to its alternative universe

There have been many iterations of Path of Exile over the years. It began humbly with a beta phase in 2012, before being properly released for Windows in 2013. Grinding Gear Games pushed the game hard for some time and it paid off. It’s since been released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The downside to such a long running game is that it can be complex for total beginners to dive straight into. However, the plus side is that there’s been plenty of time, effort and money put into creating a game that is absolutely fascinating. The storylines are deep and rich, with additional side quests and a level of detail that’s hard to come by in other games. As well as this, the world itself is a brilliant place to explore. You’ll come across all kinds of landscapes, including plenty of breathtaking buildings, some inhabited by ferocious creatures. 

If you’ve not played before, then make sure you start your journey on a day where you’ve got plenty of time to hand. This game isn’t for the feint hearted and will require a whole afternoon to really get you gripped. Once you’ve experienced the wonders of the world of Path of Exile though, you’ll likely be hooked.

BioShock Infinite

Anyone who is interested in parallel universes as well as alternative ones should give BioShock Infinite a go. This game takes a surprisingly complex look into the implications of being able to travel freely between different parallel universes. This idea of not only travelling through time, but also through black holes, universes and different iterations of oneself is a huge field to get your head around, but if you already have an interest then you’ll find this game irresistible. The game takes a first-person shooter approach, as you traverse your way through the dangerous lands. The character you’ll be playing as is called Booker DeWitt, a guy who’s done his time in the U.S. Cavalry and is now looking to pay back his karma. In order to do this, he has one mission, which sounds remarkably simple, but we can assure you it’s not. He needs to rescue a girl called Elizabeth, the only problem is, she’s been locked up since she was a child, he’s never met her before and she’s in a city far away. A city that flies. The imagination needed to come up with the plotline is incredible and the imagination you’ll need to work your way around it should be pretty impressive too.

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